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    So, I have my first working day tomorrow at McDonalds, and I'm really nervous! What can I expect? When I walk in shall I go and tell someone that I'm new and have no idea what I'm doing?

    I worked at McDonalds rather a lot of years ago (almost 20 years, eek) so might not be able to help with how it is to work there today but...

    1. Just be brave. Take a deep breath, go up to the counter and say you are there for your first day. They should show you to the manager or someone who will show you around and tell you where to go. They'll know you are nervous, and they will not expect you to know everything right away. They'll probably just give you one or two tasks to do on your first day - where i worked they always used to put newbies to work making the cheeseburgers with another person or two, there'd be one person doing the sauces/dressing the burger, one person working on the grill, and another toasting the buns - like a factory line. Most newbs would start with the sauces, nice and easy but you have to be fast during rush times, expect to work quick and don't panic if you have trouble keeping up at first, it's normal. After i'd been there a couple of weeks i found i liked doing the quarter pounders, i was the 'quarter queen'. Some managers will be nice, others will suck.

    2. Get as much rest as you can. This job was pretty full-on when i did it, very hard work running around everywhere and high speed. Wear comfortable shoes, you'll be on your feet all day.

    3. Be clean. They were really hot on this when i was there, if you want to keep the managers happy keep any work areas you are on spotless, and don't be seen lounging around doing nothing if things go quiet, wipe surfaces down and show some initiative - doing extras like this will do you well in any job you do, not just this one.

    And that's it really.
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    (Original post by barbosa12)
    So, I have my first working day tomorrow at McDonalds, and I'm really nervous! What can I expect? When I walk in shall I go and tell someone that I'm new and have no idea what I'm doing?
    When you go in, go up to the front counter and explain that it is your first day. Someone (probably a manager or someone) will then show you where to go and what to do.

    I started working at McDonald’s in November. This is what I did on my first day:

    1. I walked up to the person serving on till, and told them that it was my first day, and they went and got the manager for me.

    2. The manager then showed me around the crew room and changing rooms, then left me to get changed and ready.

    3. Then he took me into another room with a computer, where I did some e-learning (online training). This only took around an hour to complete.

    4. Then he gave me quite an easy task to do. He put me on till to serve people for a coupe of hours, but I had a crew trainer showing me what to do and answering any questions I had.

    That was all really. First shifts tend to be quite short and you will usually be doing something simple, with the help of a crew trainer. Good luck! Let me know how your first shift goes, and if you ever have any questions about working there just message me!
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