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    Any help on this letter I have sent about work I used to do. Dear sir.
    ********** I am writing to you to complain about the way south holland distinct council have treated me over the last few years.*** I was a self employed sub contractor to csu for over 2 years full time and then Terry Mc donnell started working for csu.* After 3 months I was called into the office and told that I was no longer needed as a sub contractor with the csu and they gave me 2 weeks working* notice which seamed very strange to me as being sub contractor for the csu there was no notice needed. Since then I have found out that means I had been permantley employed as a subby to you I should have been entitled to holiday pay as I never quoted on jobs and you supplied all materials that I needed for jobs so this is classed as employed.** Then at the meeting I was told that they didn't want to lose me as I was a good worker and that they would take me on through the agency straight away.* I had not got allot of choice in the matter as being single with a family to support and* been working for csu permantley for over 2 years I had no customers to get work off as I had devoted myself to the csu all the time. So I dispanded my buisness and went on the agency.** This again seamed very strange to me that I no longer had work for j.doughty maintenance services but* there was work for me on the agency.** I feel like I was treated in a unprofessional manner and I have been advised by the citizens advice that I have a very good case and I was treated wrong.** After a year I was taken on full time by the csu* and then* I was told I was going to be made redundant and that I had to re apply for my job . After a long stressfull process I was interviewed and got a* position as multi skilled operative.** .* I then after a few months ended up with stress through work as being told all the time go their ,do that, do this by a fowl mouthed Scottish man* graham putting me under so much stress and not accepting no as an answer or I'm very busy..* I ended up going off work* with stress* and while I was off* I feel I was treated very unfairly.*** I kept receiving letters from Terry* telling me I wasn't keeping in touch with work enough and that I'd be getting a warning if I didn't do so.** This was very stressfull again and to keep getting letters like this was more stressfull.** Then I received a letter telling me that I was being investigated about to much use of a* company phone over November* and December as I was off with stress and talking to people is a very good way of dealing with stress and that's why I was using the phone.** I then decided that I didn't feel like I could no longer work for the csu as it had caused me so much stress over the last few years.* So I handed in my notice straight away as I had got a sick note for another 2 weeks off my doctor but was not allowed to use this as time off my* notice period.*** Then when I was told I only had 5 days holiday owed me I was not happy as I was owed more and that I had holidays booked on the computer system but I was off work sick. And they had been taken off me* I'm concerned that there has been other days holiday done the same way.** .***
    I feel very disappointed and stressed out over the last few years and feel like I have been treated very unfairly and I'm considering taking legal advice on all of this and the writing to the national papers about the way I have been treated.*** I await your response to this email before I take this any further.*
    ************** Yours faithfully.
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