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    I have my options week and I am really struggling choosing between history or geography. In the future I would hopefully like to become either a doctor or psychologist. I have found out that in history we would be doing the study of medicine through the years and I don't know if this could help me further in becoming a doctor of if it doesn't really have any effect. My grades for both subject are good, they are a 5/6 in the new 9-1 grades and on tests I get either of those on both subjects. I find history more interesting but I've been told that geography is less writing and easier.

    i do geography, half of it is physical geography like rivers, coasts, etc
    half is basically human - so development, changing cities
    how much of that sounds appealing?

    I take both subjects. When you say you will study medicine - you wont'! (if you are with OCR)... You study Peoples' (public) Health through time periods in British History.

    History is by far my favourite subject because I enjoy learning about the topics in OCR B, the worst one for me was Norman Conquest yet that wasn't even tedious! History is much easier to revise also, suspecting that you have a good teacher who tells yoh exactly what you should revise. If you are unsure just ask me!

    Geography, especially human geography is very interesting, and I feel like this subject can help with many careers, depending on what path you choose in the end. There is a lot of content in geography though, so good luck revising and being organised on that front!!

    Good luck!! X
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    hey, i know you’ve probably submitted your options now but i still want to give some input :laugh:

    i took both geography and history (kinda regret it, i don’t really like the subjects but oh well)
    and i’m looking to study medicine when i’m older.

    i do edexcel history and we have a study on medicine. i wouldn’t say it’s anything particularly useful for an application but it really helps to understand the context and development of medicine through time. overall it’s just really interesting

    for geography i do aqa, and it’s definitely a good subject to take if you’re a bit of an all rounder.
    i wouldn’t say geography is less writing and easier, history has a lot of essays but so does geography. at the end of the day it’s what you prefer.

    what did you choose in the end??
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    Defo geography it is awesome!!!

    Omg I'm in the same position as you I picked physcology French and geography
    I think geography is more helpful because of traveling and orientation
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