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    I met this girl in the club yesterday and we hit it off. I mean being a club we didn't talk much, but danced and kissed with each other for quite some time. In fact, we left together hand in hand and I took her to the bus. Anyway I got her number at the bus but said I had to go find my friend. She obviously got the bus and went home.

    I texted her to make sure she was ok, and she said she was home. I then said look forward to maybe catching up (I was drunk, might have been a stupid thing to say :P).

    Anyway that's it. I left it at that and there's been no more convo since that night. I kind of wanted to maybe get in touch again but seeing as I've had no reply since then, I don't know whether she would very much be interested in me. I don't know whether to go alpha and ask if she wanted to get a drink or something or just leave it coz I don't want to come off creepy :/

    If after 2 attempts, she's not answered back, it's usually a sign to move on.

    If you wish, try 1 more time in a week to see if she wants to out for a coffee but don't keep up your hopes. Seriously, it's ok. Nothing you did.

    text back no one meets at a strip club go ahead

    You're texting a girl?!
    This is truly EXTRAORDINARY

    I always get number of club hookups because it’s easier to just exchange numbers than say “it’s 2am and my tongue wasn’t down your throat because I wanted an emotional connection” is too tricky. Exchange the standard “i’m home” and “last night was wild, paying for it now” texts then put a big ❌ next to their name in my phone. Delete after a week.

    You can try texting and generate convo, but girls don’t usually want to hear from club hookups. You werent picked because she liked you and wanted you to be her boyfriend. But give it a go, I can’t speak for aaaallllll girls and how they feel!
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    Hard to tell how interested she is but it's worth taking the risk and texting again.
    Text her in a few days and say something like 'before we get married let me take you out for a drink'.

    If she replies but seems hesitant then don't act too bummed, just say 'that's cool'. A week later on a night out text her and ask if she's out, she won't think too much of it because obviously you're under the influence of alcohol, but again if she replies then good sign she's interested but is too shy to go on a one on one date.

    If she doesn't reply to the drink then delete her number and forget about her.
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