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    how do you make the transition from hijabi to non hijabi?
    I've found it quite difficult be comfortable with my body and im just so ashamed of some of my scars, body hairs marks but i also really want to wear a skirt or shorts or be comfortable with my body without feeling ashamed when i go out?

    it's just that ive always been told that my body is private and should not be seen not a hair or my ankles, im finding it hard to see my body without having those unpleasant triggers adn thoughts.

    Does anyone have any tips or experience with this?
    non muslims can answer this too.

    What do you mean by scars and body hairs marks?
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    (Original post by edd522)
    What do you mean by scars and body hairs marks?
    I have some scars, i have hair that grows very quickly and its dark and i cant always shave, my skin is basically not as flawless as I'd like it to be and its making me insecure
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    Just crack on with it. It'll feel weird at first, but you'll get used to it. Completely different in a way but also some similarities, to how people who attend nudist beaches often say they felt uncomfortable at first, but now being nude around other people just feels normal.
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    When making the decision of wearing the Hejab you should understand that you have to be completely convinced by the idea of wearing it and should be comfortable with your decision! Otherwise if you’re not completely convinced you should not wear it and remember that it’s you who makes the decision not your parents not your siblings not your relatives not your friends! It’s your body and your identity so if you’re not comfortable with something you simply don’t have to do it!
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