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Vaginal Pain for Several Months---Need Answers Please watch

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    I have been experiencing vaginal/pelvic pain for several months and have seen many doctors, but the pain still persists. It has no trigger (penetration, irritants, certain type of foods) that I have noticed and usually is just happening while I'm sitting in bed.

    It is a sort of dull, almost muscle ache like pain. I do not think it is the burning caused by a UTI, painful bladder, or anything like that.

    While dealing with this, I have been diagnosed with HPV and treated for genital warts that have since gone away.

    I was diagnosed with a yeast infection and took medication for that. Pain maybe went away slightly but then came back.

    Was diagnosed with BV, and the doctor said it could cause this sort of pain. Took antibiotics that I thought were helping, but the pain stayed. Saw a gyno who said it must be BV and just had to wait for it to go away with the meds, but it hasn't.

    I've never had children and am not on anything birth control.

    I have started taking probiotics and cranberry supplements to maybe help if it's a bacterial problem or something. I wear cotton underwear, try to wear loose clothing as often as I can, changed my laundry soap to something scent free, and try and maintain good hygiene down there.

    I'm tired of being in pain and I can't seem to find anything that matches my symptoms. Please, please, has anyone had a similar case?

    Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Have you been tested for any other STD’s? And have you had a cervical smear test?

    Also do you have any other symptoms associated with BV such as the discharge etc??

    Is the pain localised to your pelvic region or does is go elsewhere such as your back? The reason I ask is because urine infections don’t always present as burning and can sometimes cause the type of pain you describe.

    Either way you need to keep pursuing it at the doctors and say you aren’t happy and want further tests. You shouldn’t have to go on like this. If you have had problems with your bladder/utis in the past it may be worth looking up Interstitial Cystitis and seeing if you have any symptoms.
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