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    (Original post by jesswalton888)
    No. But you can ban people from buying them. The UK and US aren't exactly dramatically different in terms of society are we? I really don't understand why you need guns? The death rate is dramatically higher in the US than the UK.. Wonder why that is??
    People need guns to go shooting with, that's why they have them and it's common in rural areas.

    And guns aren't even banned in this country, they're just better regulated and you need a license for them.

    Anybody know of any good articles that thoroughly explores both sides of the debate ?

    Never have I once heard a valid reason for the right to carry a fire arm. Why is the most logical solution they can come up with for self-defence the ability to make it easier to get a weapon that you’re defending yourself against in the first place?

    People make the argument that its people that kill people, not guns. Which in my opinion is just idiotic ramblings. it isn’t wrong that people kill people, but the fact of the matter is that the people killing the people are using guns. Legally using guns. Allowing legal firearms isn’t deterring crime, it’s encouraging it. Allowing legal firearms isn’t stopping people from getting killed, it just occasionally changes the murderer. We’re giving once innocent people the tools to kill people.

    I understand there are 3million + guns already in the US but so it may seem pointless but by changing the law, it prevents more from appearing.

    (Original post by laura7777777)
    I understand there are 3million + guns already in the US but so it may seem pointless but by changing the law, it prevents more from appearing.
    3,000,000 firearms in circulation?
    Try 300,000,000...

    The problem with this is that so many people in the United Kingdom do not have the first clue about the Second Amendment, its history, or what it was intended for. Ultimately, they lose sight of a crucial fact: the United States is a foreign country. The fact that we speak the same language, that Brits watch American movies and TV shows, and listen to American bands, and might even go on holiday there blinds many to the fact that it is as foreign a country to us as Saudi Arabia.

    Gun confiscation is simply not going to happen. It would require the co-operation of local police departments and potentially the military, and their loyalty in executing such an order is entirely open to question. Attempting to end the Second Amendment would trigger a civil war. There are no two ways about it.

    This is a debate with no easy answers.

    No one wants to see innocent people killed, but the solutions are infinitely more complicated than 'ban guns'.
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