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    Hi there,
    I think this is mainly I need someone to knock some common sense into me, but anyways:
    I've been job searching for a while during my A Levels, and just received an offer for a job to work full time in an office environment over the summer (June-Sept). I originally applied for a weekend vacancy but they decided that because I was off to uni in Sept they still wanted me but for a full time temp role instead, which is pretty cool I must admit! It would pay really well, and be a great reference - I just have a couple of reservations which are probably silly and just needed some advice.
    1. I still have exams in June, which I think they'll be flexible about but I'll have to take that off as holiday I think.
    2. I also want to take the day of prom and the day after off. I know this might sound silly, but I've literally organised the entire event and tbh it's probably going to be the only fun thing I do all summer - but if I'm a temp worker, will they let me take the day off so early on? (I know you don't know but it's just my thoughts)
    3. I also don't really want to be working for A Level results day, especially if it all goes wrong (which I'm worried it might!) but again, is it unreasonable for a temp staff to ask for that many days off?
    4. I know this is silly, but I kind of wanted a bit of time off over the holidays, because this year has been really intense and I'm not sure how many more 'free' summers I'm going to get before I have to work full time! Like, I'll probably have to miss my family holiday, which I know would only be a little week somewhere on the British coast, but still... It's probably one of the last chances to spend quality time together before I'm off to uni! (Yes I know this is silly and lazy but ssh 😜)

    But at the same time, it's a great company, would look really good on my CV, and would pay well - and I'm really grateful to receive the opportunity, I don't want to turn it down in case I get nothing else! Please tell me I'm being silly about this all.

    Thanks for reading, sorry it's long and apologies for any errors - my phone is playing up today!

    They should be reasonable with letting you have time off even if you're only a temp. Perhaps you could just book half a day off for results day, so you still have time to go into school and pick up your results. Other than that, you need to make a decision about whether you want to work full-time over the summer or spend time with family and doing fun stuff. You can't do both.
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