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Should I follow my crush on instagram? watch

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    Recently, I started instagram. I haven't posted anything yet. I've never been a social butterfly so not many of my classmates follow me. I only follow people who follow me, to be honest, and celebrities.

    He's got loooaaaads of followers. He hasn't even posted anything. I know he still uses instagram because I've seen him comment on the recent posts of some of the people I follow.

    The past year, I've fancied him. Problem is, in my school we have 'seating plans' so we can't choose where we sit. I've never been placed next to him the three years I've been in his class. I've never actually had a conversation with him, I don't think. In fact this year, he's on the opposite end of the classroom from me.

    He's a popular guy; everyone likes him. I'm a shadow in comparison to him. I've never had the courage to actually walk up to him and talk to him suddenly...because the previous two years, I didn't really pay him much attention anyway. It would be weird, wouldn't it, if I suddenly started talking to him without any apperent reason (like a seating plan)?

    I heard bits and pieces about him that I like, such as the kind of sports he's into. I like his personailty, chilled guy with a good sense of humour. He never makes fun of someone he's not close to, the people he makes fun of in a joking way are friends who don't take it to heart. Banter, basically. His friends and him are loud people, so you'd always notice their entertaining presence in whatever area you're in.

    The first year I was in his class, I heard rumours that he fancied me but never actually got a confirmation because there was no way I was going to ask him. I guess it stuck in my mind, but I didn't start fancying him until the third year.

    We're rather different. He's confident, outgoing, loud. I'm reserved, I have my head down and I'm quiet. Here's the biggest difference between him and I: I revise for all my exams and get high grades. He doesn't bother revising and he doesn't get high grades. Our teacher always complains about it to him, but he never get berated for it...ironically, all the teachers like him as well, despite his lack of worth ethic. He's charismatic, that's why.

    So should I follow him on instagram? What if he doesn't follow me back? If he does follow me back, should I message him? Would it even be worth it to try and pursue a relationship, especially when final exams are three months away?
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    Add him, sure. You can also message him if you like, as long as you can keep a convo since you’re the one starting it.
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