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Difficulty with uni options-HELP! watch

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    My 1st choice uni have rejected me. 2nd choice have not replied (but I'm now thinking rejection). This leaves me with 3/5 UCAS options. I need some advice on what to do and how to base my decision:

    3rd choice:
    Good uni, reasonable reputation, high in league tables. The campus is nice-ish, it has nice green areas and the science labs are great...but it is a little run down in places around campus. Course looks amazing it's accredited and a yr in industry. The main problem is the uni reminds me of this guy who went their. We never dated as he was a little older, but I liked him and I think he liked me. He was my first and only ever crush. He has since graduated and moved on from the uni and now has a new gf. However the uni now just reminds me of him and when I talk about it to others they say "Oh yeah, that was where X went." It's hard to get out of my mind.

    4th choice:
    Good uni, Russel group with a strong reputation. Course looks alright, option for industry year + masters. The problem is with location. It's hundreds of miles away on the opposite side of the country, I have no way of getting their for applicant days etc. Moving back and forth is going to be a nightmare.

    5th choice:
    Russel group, medium to high in league tables. The campus is lovely, very modern and the student union is amazing.The labs were average. The problem is the course, which is the worst of all my choices. No year in industry, no integrated masters, no year abroad, no accreditation.

    I don't know what to choose. My 3rd option is the best in terms of course, but perhaps I will be unhappy there. I'd be most happy at 5th choice, but the course is not ideal. What do you guys think?
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    3rd choice, no question.

    Why on earth would you base the location you will be in and the course you will be studying for the next 3 years of your life - plus your prospects afterwards for the rest of your life - on the fact that this guy who you had a bit of a thing with went there? That is literally the stupidest reason I've ever heard.

    Is your priority enjoyment? Or getting the degree you want? I went to a uni which wasn’t in my top 4 and I actually really enjoy it here. It wasn’t high in league tables in terms of the university or the course. But I know for my career choice it’s more important to have a First from a bad uni than a 3rd from a good uni.

    Is there anyway you can talk to people from the universities you are debating to get a good idea of what it’s like there?
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    Sorry you didn’t get your first choice, hope your able to get your second, you could try clearing? See if on results day you can squeeze your way in if that’s possible. Also 3rd choice, even if it reminds you of someone you’ll soon forget it, when your there your thoughts wont forever be on that person, your there for the course after all.

    3rd choice definitely. Can guarantee that once you get to uni and are surrounded by a whole load of new people you will forget it was his uni. He's not even there anymore so you really can't let this get in the way.
    Would you be able to say the names of the unis? Might get some better advice
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