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    I get on with my flatmates but have no friends on my course. I have spoken to different people and at best, I would say we were acquaintances but they had other friends and when I realised we weren't going to move past the small talk stage, I gave up trying. I've noticed some of the people I used to talk to don't even sit next to me if they see me in class.

    There were a few people I used to hang out with at uni for a few months but one day they were making plans to go out and they didn't even invite me, even after I told them I had no plans for the weekend. I don't know if I'm being sensitive but I thought that was weird.

    Sometimes if I see them around I'll say 'hi' or whatever, I'll be polite, but now I go to lectures and classes alone and sit by myself cause I prefer that then having to make conversation every time with people I'm not really friends with.

    I don't think it's weird, like I'm sort of in the same position right now where I hang out with people sometimes but I don't really feel connected to anyone. I think if you want to make friends you have to like go and join clubs or do activities that you like, that's a good way to bond with people. Otherwise take this as an opportunity to learn about yourself and to be comfortable with being alone.

    Make a plan and invite them along lol force them, maybe they think that you're not interested in them hence they didn't invite you. If you actually dont like your flat mates you should try joining a society at uni or clubs that will actually make you some friends. i'm not in Uni yet but i switched schools so many times that i never got to adjust with people, so i joined a boxing club and made some of the best friends in my life. Just remember you should always be the first person to act if you want to get something done, dont wait around for people to come you, that rarely happens nowadays. Best of luck!!! And keep trying if it doesn't work then they are not worth it.

    I’m the exact same, as long as you’re happy then that’s all that matters ✌️✌️ your uni experience doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. (if you’re not happy then join a society or something cool like that)
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    It might look like everyone else’s has friends but they might just be acquaintances that they pretend to be friends with. I’d pick no friends over fake friends every time. If you want to make friends make yourself look more approachable, smile and start conversations. Look for similarities. If you both like a drink, ask if they want to go for a drink. If they like a joint, ask if they want to get a smoke.

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