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my friend says my uni is for dumb people watch


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    My friend got into UCL and I chose Birkbeck University of London (simply because it's evening classes and I have to work full time so that I can live in London). He started making fun of me that Birkbeck is for dumb people who can't get anywhere else. I could get anywhere I wanted, I know that, I just know that it would be hard to live in London, work part time and still have enough money to visit family or do anything for fun. I really think Birkbeck is a good uni, after all it's part of University of London? Now I don't know if it was a good choice if I shouldn't have gone somewhere else and just try to balance work/study somehow, I mean others do it why couldn't I?
    honey, if this person was really your friend they would support you not mock you, honestly tell this dude to get a life- your doing amazing, managing both a job and studying; anyone else would be proud

    I did a master's later at Birkbeck whilst employed. I don't know about the undergraduate segment of the student body, but at postgraduate level it is typically mature students working to some degree or another. There were a few Oxbridge graduates in my class actually. I don't think it's possible to rank it in the same way as over places as it serves a specific market niche.
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    boiii get new friends lol do what you want, especially if it's the best thing to do in your situation
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    Don't be jealous dear...By the time you both get your degrees - you'll be far more familliar with the feeling of work, risponsebilities and what it means to pay for your own expenses and taking care of yourself on your own. Kudos my dear!!! He will by than end up scratching his head and bum wondering how come everything is so expensive and not being really a happy bunny as he is not having a real feeling of spending money earned by his own entirely, but once reality bites your ass - it's not pleasant. Speaking from experience as I have strugelled at young age to work and study and due to financies have dropped out. Now I am at my career change point and will apply for Computing at Birckbeck while being full time employed as Dental nurse. Don't let anyone make you shine any less just because your light is too bright for them!!!
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