How can I get full grade 8s and 9s?

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How should I approach revision for the following:

English Language (AQA)
English Literature (AQA)
Triple Science (EDEXCEL)
Religious Studies (AQA)
French (AQA)
History (EDEXCEL)
Latin (OCR)

(I didn't bother including maths because it's my best subject, and my study/revision technique for the subject is fine atm)
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How do you revise for maths??? That's my worse subject atm ngl

For English language I've made notes on the mark scheme for each individual question in both papers so you know exactly what the examiner expects.

English literature- for every play/novel/poem etc that you are studying make little cards with quotations and stick them around your room or even posters for each chapter/act/scene etc

Science, I have rewrote my notes in new notebooks (one for each science (I'm also doing triple science edexcel)) based on the specification (find it on the edexcel website) once again this allows you to know the exact content that edexcel could test you on bc what I experienced is that my teachers often just taught from the textbooks where there were some unnecessary content just to help you to understand but you don't need to know for your exam and so it's rather more confusing than useful. After I had completed my notes for paper 1 and 2 for each science I started to practice questions, first with my notes and then I print the same questions out again and do them in test conditions and then I mark them and work on the questions I have got wrong.

French- I don't really know what to advise, I'm North African and we generally speak french as part of our language so it's not too bad for me but I guess just memorise vocabulary and grammar esp with 9-1 paper.

Religious studies I done my GCSE in yr 10 so I think the whole content and that has changed now that it's 9-1 but I basically just made mind maps with key points on huge paper and memorised religious quotations

I do geography not history so can't help w/ that and I do Arabic and french not Latin, sorry!

Hope the rest helps!
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For history Edexcel its all about knowing the content and knowing how to approach the questions. I would recommend getting some revision guides (amazon) and practicing those skills with past papers

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