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    I have a diagnosis of schizophrenia and a job. I have to keep taking at least 2 hours a week off in order to go to psychiatrist/psychologist appointments and my supervisor is starting to get really pissed off with me taking time off. He keeps asking me why I have so many appointments and I know it's none of his business but I'm afraid of getting fired for missing so much time.

    Anyway, today the person I work most closely with has been ranting about people with mental illnesses killing others and not getting the death penalty (after the recent florida shooting). This isn't the first time she's said something; she does it a lot, another instance was when charles manson died she told me how all schizophrenics "should be locked up before they kill people". And I'm sitting here like er........

    I don't know what to do about my colleague. We get along well, she'll bring me mcdonald's breakfast some mornings, or a cup of coffee or other stuff but I feel so angry and upset that she thinks like this. I really need this job so I don't want to confront her, but I'd also like to change her mind and be able to be honest about my appointments with my supervisor so he knows I legitimately have doctor appointments and I'm not just skiving. I'm also dreading the summer when my long-sleeved shirts are going to be too warm to wear and she might see my arms.
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    If you feel your job will be at risk then don't bother talking to her about it. She is your colleague, not your friend. People are pretty backward.

    As a Muslim woman, I hear some bitter remarks every now, which makes me think "please, just let me do my job without this BS". You just have to let it go, some people are unkind and ignorant.

    If you find her behaviour uncomfortable then perhaps talk about it with another manager/higher authority than her. Also, work hard so you don't have to hear anything about taking days off etc

    Does she know you have schizophrenia? If not, next time she goes on one of these rants I'd look her dead in the eye and tell her you've actually suffer from a mental illness yourself and watch her squirm. It's sad how people let their own ignorance get the better of them.
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