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Would you date someone you thought was way out of your league? watch


    I wouldn't class anyone out of my league
    I'd rather think that I'm out of their world

    (Original post by The Night King)
    Needless to say, they fell out cause of this and when me and this other girl broke up they were best friends all the sudden again and had a hate club going on for me:laugh: They fell out again though, and the first ex send me a crazy rant the other ex had about me...Pretty messed up
    Jesus Christ :laugh:

    (Original post by Jpearson704)
    Nope. Id personally feel **** cause id feel they'd cheat on me ngl cause why would they be going out with me if they're out of my league. But going out with someone fit would be good cause itd be like i must be good looking if i can pull a person like that just me?? ok.
    The chances of the joint most beautiful woman in the world cheating on you would be reduced if you were:

    More intelligent than the other men she meets
    Or wiser than the other men she meets
    Or better educated
    Or more financially secure
    Or more open and honest
    Higher integrity & more faithful
    More fun
    Better sense of humour
    Less controlling
    Less abusive
    More imaginative
    More creative
    Have more get up and go
    More secure
    Better company
    Better at cooking
    Better at being a father
    Better at satisfying her sexually...
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    It doesn't stop the desperado average guys from messaging those way out of their league tho does it..

    I married her. :awesome:

    I already am

    already done it so there is hope

    I wish I did, as I pushed the love of my life away by doing this (because hes out my league).
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    I don't know, I've always dated guys that were probably slightly less good looking than myself, although at the time I didn't see it that way. I should also add their personalities were probably slightly better than mine ie they were more outgoing or more talented. It wasn't me settling or anything.

    Recently met a guy who is same level as me in terms of looks. In fact he's actually like my dream guy. But he's a bit too cool for me. I don't know enough about his actual personality but I don't think I could date him because I'd feel a bit out of my depth and like I had to keep up. Thing is, I can see that his coolness is just a result of him being in a cool crowd at uni and trying to fit in. Because on his facebook I can see he used to just be a regular guy at school.

    Experienced it with another guy actually. Had the biggest crush on him and we even kissed once but I felt like we were from different worlds. He was a cool, rich Londoner living in a big house with cool parents. I'm a regular Northerner living in a small house with weird parents.

    If both these guys were slightly less good looking then I probably would have considered them and could have handled our differences in lives. But because they're so perfect looking and so cool, I'd feel like I wasn't good enough and I probably wouldn't let myself go and be vulnerable.

    No but undersold myself never agan #strongndependentwhtemale
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    if they actually want me for me then yes

    people can only be below my league, so unfortunately would have to be the case
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