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A Level students: When did you start revising for GCSEs? watch


    (Original post by thedecorator33)
    Were you using a timetable, and did you find it effective?

    If you don't mind me asking, what did you achieve in the exams?
    I did not use a timetable, no. I made one in September for A-Levels and I've pretty much told myself to never bother trying it again because sticking to them is close to impossible (for me, I would still recommend to others to at least try it. I just decided it wasn't worth all the little annoying timing issues, like spending an extra 10 minutes on one particular thing that took a little longer than you thought it would, and then ****ing up the next task's timing, then there's trying to stop procrastinating in the first place).

    Rather, I made myself lists of things I wanted to finish that day, and didn't sleep until I finished it all. I still do this. It's far more flexible as you can reschedule things (though it takes a bit of self-discipline not to keep rescheduling for the next day over and over again).

    I started GCSE revision in February, mainly because I'm an expert in procrastination and I knew that unless I forced myself to start early I probably never would, instead I made the mistake of doing that for A level :bricks:

    But the playing teacher method, mentioned above, worked wonders for me. I used to make notes, repeat them a few times and then play teacher as a summary to see how much I had remembered, I also found that making post its for science subjects and maths to be quite useful. I put the important equations on them and stuck them around the house in places I'd see them regularly: bathroom included. It's safe to say my mum was bare chuffed when exams were over and they could come down >D

    (Original post by thedecorator33)
    Did you have enough time to cover all of the material?
    Did you wish you had started earlier?
    How did you revise? Notes, past papers, a mixture?
    What grades did you achieve in the end of it?
    My GCSE revision strategy was atrocious - I started revising a week before my first exam (English Lang) and revised for each following exam in the gaps between them.

    No I did not have enough time to cover all of the material.

    Yes I wish I had started earlier, even if only by a few weeks.

    I 'revised' by reading my notes and textbooks and doing some exam questions (not even full past papers).

    Ended up with a decent enough 1A*, 8A, 1B, and a Dist-Merit. I'm gutted with the B and still disappointed in myself because I know I could've done better had I actually put the effort in.

    For god's sake do not do anything like I did, revise effectively and start well before your exams. That being said, don't stress too much and don't let yourself burn out. Good luck!

    (Original post by thedecorator33)
    Did you have enough time to cover all of the material?
    Did you wish you had started earlier?
    How did you revise? Notes, past papers, a mixture?
    What grades did you achieve in the end of it?
    Did no revision at all for GCSE's


    Best of luck with your GCSE's! I am currently in Y12 and got 13 A*s. I did take Maths and English Lang at end of Y10 though.

    I started my revision during the Christmas holidays however this was only for History. I made notes for all of the topics on Quizlet, which proved invaluable for the exams themselves.

    I properly started revising at this point last year during the Feb half term. We had our mocks two weeks after so I started to make notes for Sciences and Geography.

    During Easter I finished making notes but mainly focused on learning for my language speaking exams (in French and German) and the literature in Latin.

    We had been completing past papers at school in lessons and as homework ever since we had finished the syllabus in each subject so I didn't do a huge amount of these in my spare time besides for homework. Most of my own revision was based around learning.

    Right before exams the most invaluable source for me were my own notes but also the CGP revision guides, especially for Science. I cannot recommend these enough! In the days up to my main Science exams I literally copied the whole book out - this is my revision technique. In the hour or so before the exam I would go through highlighting all my notes as this helps recall. You definitely need to use ACTIVE revision strategies. For me this just means writing things out but you can try mind maps etc. if it is more interesting. I wouldn't recommend simply reading through your notes as you won't get very far in my experience.

    These are the subjects I took. If you need any specific help with any of these, I will be happy to help!

    Edexcel IGCSE:

    Eng Lang
    Eng Lit


    Edexcel GCSE:

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