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    I've went to uni 2 years ago and failed in my 2nd year. I'm nearly 21 (this year). So I went to a different course in a different uni (Not to make my parents even more disappointed in me) and not doing so well. I feel under pressure and depressed. I've never made any friends due to my experiences in my secondary school as the Asian kid (even been spat on) and those sideways look from people. I'm more of a person who finds even the little things funny and I'm not those average girls or youths. I have been let down by people who I thought were friends at secondary school. This drastically changed my outlook on life and people generally. (my head shakes when 2 or more people speak to me, especially girls/females and have to breath deeplybefore I can speak)
    Also the uni felt like a marathon and going to lectures and lab work was nerve racking and dreaded every time. I did well in my secondary but I feel I've reached a point where motivation to study has gone whilst in debt in student loans with the additional £9000 (already paid half of it) I have to pay for 1st year in 2nd uni (since student finance would not find me until 2nd year due to my failure in my 1st uni). Everyday felt mundane- got up, go to uni, revise and sleep everyday. (mind you, I'm asked to pay the other half of the year'stuition fee)
    I'm considering doing apprenticeship in engineering so I can actually do something in my life and also gain skills which uni does not provide (and has made me feel even more useless) and be used to talking to people for once. I may look for a job but I have absolutely no experience at all (most shops near me are clothes and I have no interest in fashion or accessories at all).
    I wondered if I should continue uni, go to apprenticeship, or getting a job. Also is it too late/used too much of my students funds to enter apprenticeships?
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    First of all, good luck and, I know this is hard, but try not to stress as you won't really be able to make the best decision that way. Maybe something like mindfulness or meditation could help in the short term. As for the university course, is your gut instinct that you'll be able to finish it or not? If not, the engineering apprenticeship might be a good idea before getting any more student debt but you also need to think about how much you know and like about maths/ physics before you go into that. I would talk to a tutor at your uni if you haven't already for advice and also maybe to a mental health advisor over stress from the course (unis are supposed to give more support after so much mental health trouble in uni students). I don't know about all apprenticeships but I shouldn't think money would be a problem - usually, they pay you rather than the other way around. Whichever choice you make, once you've thought over it, make sure it is your choice and not anybody else's - that way you can feel confident that you did what seemed right and followed your instincts (and I've heard that they don't often lead in the wrong direction). Peace
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