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Vent about something which has annoyed you today! watch

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    (Original post by euphrosyne)
    Are we still venting? I dropped my bronzer and now it's shattered into a million pieces :cry2:
    Ohhh mann thats annoying! Depends sort of how expensive it is, though... £3 is fine but £15 plus I think I'd be frustrated!

    (Original post by TCA2b)
    In honour of this thread, I just guzzled down a whole vat of parabens.

    (Original post by TheGirlFelonXxXx)
    Certain individuals on TSR have annoyed me, does that count?
    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to! :cry2:

    (Original post by Racsoix)
    Hmm, well one of our band mates messaged me at about 3 a.m saying "I'm not gonna be in your band anymore, you can ****ing forget it.". Then blocked me without replying after I did literally nothing. More confused than angry though :< How odd!

    Oh and also my brother ate a full bag of sweets I picked out specifically from the shop. Fair enough he didn't know but still very frustrating.

    Today hasn't been a good day to say the least!
    3am is an odd time.. I'd be making sure a couple of days later that they weren't drunk or high or something!
    Your brother now owes you

    My immediate family aren't dead

    Getting home at peak hour is a constant irritant.

    My hand is still hurting from writing notes non stop in class earlier
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    (Original post by Blue_Cow)
    Blooming cyclists ignoring red lights. God, I swear the cyclists up here in Edinburgh are worse than the ones in London.
    I was up in Edinburgh in January for a few days and as i was crossing the road, i nearly got run over by a cyclist when the traffic light was red I know how you feel. It is so annoying when cyclists ignore red lights

    (Original post by gjd800)
    Getting home at peak hour is a constant irritant.
    I agree. It is chaos!
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