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Hi everyone,

I'm currently studying A levels and I will be sitting my exams in June.
This holiday, I was supposed to write up all my notes and I failed at that :ashamed2: and although I did some work, I think this blog might help motivate me to be more focused and organised. I want to study English Literature at university and I really hope to get top grades

My subject and predicted grades below and what I want to achieve:
English Literature, Predicted Grades:B, Aim: A
Sociology, Predicted grades: B, Aim: A
Politics, Predicted grades:B, Aim: B

Things I will be posting about everyday hopefully:
  • My aims for the day
  • What I did during the day
  • Any setbacks, failures and successes too
  • I wil mention how I'm feeling

Over the past two years I have been feeling really low and my self esteem and low confidence often distracts me from studying because I often become consumed by depression. I get stressed out extremely easily and my anxiety can get really bad. Other factors like problems at home also factor in and honestly I just can't wait till uni to move out and have a good time. However I have become so fixated on this image of myself at uni that sometimes I forget that I need to work hard and get the right grades. I just hope this blog will help me to grow as a person as well as grow my grades.

Also guys I was hoping I could get some tips too from other study blogs and anyone really, such as:
  • how to make an effective revision timetable
  • best revision methods for the subjects I'm studying
  • how to beat procrastinations for expert procrastinators like me
  • How to take care of my mental health
  • How to prevent low self esteem, family problems and other distract me from my studying.

and if you want you can get involved and talk about your exams and studying and emotions too.

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So my aim for today:
  • create a to do list for the week and highlight it as I go along
  • I need to finish off my English Literature Coursework - I'm going to do as much as I can today and then tomorrow during free periods I will get the rest of it done
  • I need to finish off my notes for beliefs in society and start on education
  • I need to make notes for Spies by michael frayn
  • I need to start revising pressure groups topics for politics by adding examples into the book and making notes on key terms

I'll update later today on anything else

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