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I don’t think i can make it through my a levels watch

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    (Original post by Kushala Daora)
    I had the same problems at age 14. I made choices that made me a public failure. I too used to go to CAHMS and had CBT. From this I found CBT helpful, but not straight away.

    CBT teaches you to deal with your own problems, by questioning your thoughts and recognise when you are catastrophizing which I did frequently, asking people for reassurance publicly, where people didn't care. Because they shouldn't. Everyone struggles, if you read Sophiexlouise's post you'll see that pain is relative. I might sound a little blunt here, but don't be offended; I realised this after so many experiences. I used to have several accounts on TSR where I posted these types of threads, and nobody replied. I found out that it's not all about me, and once you realise that, you'll be surprised how happy you become. It's easy to give up and mope around, but difficult to rise up to the challenge and question your thoughts. My counsellor used to tell me to think of the half-empty/half full analogy:

    To an extent, we choose to be miserable or happy.
    "We are as happy as we make up our minds to be".

    Also, the tiredness and stress you're experiencing might be due to your lifestyle. Invest in your physical health by exercising and eating well and your mental health by being mindful. Remember, the past and the future don't exist. Only the present does. Focussing on now means that your fear of the future or your past embarrassments are irrelevant; they literally don't exist!

    I would like to apologise if what I'm saying sounds repetitive, and boring but it's quite true. The best advice I can give is to keep going, if you finding it hard to see immediate results (i.e. from counselling or living healthy).

    As for motivation, there are tonnes of videos on youtube that give make you want to get up and do something. This is my favourite.

    I read a book on neuroplasticity which completely changed my outlook on life. It was called: The Brain that Changes Itself , which I truly recommend to you.

    I wish you well.

    -Kushala Daora
    sorry for the late reply! thanks for this it helped a lot! i’ve had my experiences with CBT and found it wasn’t really the thing for me despite trying to preserve through it, however i am trying to better myself in a lot of other ways (like lifestyle wise). I wrote this thread in an act of desperation i guess haha, i have since talked to teachers and whatnot to try and make my education as least uncomfortable as possible, which helped a lot. I know that “recovery” from my own problems and mental health takes a while, and it’s something i’m pushing for myself. But yeah, it was very reassuring to hear your words and i’m flattered that someone would put in so much effort into the response. Thanks
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    (Original post by Traore)
    damn my GCSEs were awful, only 2 8's and 3 A's
    that’s not awful! that’s great!
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    (Original post by SuperHuman98)
    What your feeling is temporary. Past few months I was demotivated after getting rejected from Oxford (I started caring about my school work less,lowered self esteem, sleeping more etc). Looking back at it now, it was all over nothing, and I put myself together because life is all about getting back up and pushing more and more after you get knocked down.

    Good luck
    thank you so much!
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