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    I noticed that since the condom didn't cover the entire penis, therefore through penetration, the vaginal fluid, given that if it contains std fluid will seep from the base and get into the condom and seep to the tip of the forehead of the penis and contract std.

    To test this hypothesis, I used a fake penis, with the white watercolor representing the fluid with the STD, all white watercolor got inside the condom and the head of the penis. Given that with the penetration, the attached water molecule/std fluid on the penis that is not covered by the condom may therefore slowly seep inside the condom via penetration if it is in the case of real sexual intercourse.

    After that, I realised that the fake penis didn't fully imitate the penis in the way that in the real case the condom is attached to our skin while our skin is moving up and downward while penetration.
    So I offered myself in shower, and see if the running water will enter the condom. And it turns out water does run into the condom.
    Many articles and doctor told me that STD wont transmitted in that way as the quantity are way to small to contract via the tip of the penis, however, the experiment shows that there is a great amount of fluid will sweep into the condom and contract the head of your penis!!! IN this case, condom is no longer safe!

    Also, i'm concerning is that whether water molecules are much smaller than that of the STD and HIV virus? Also, I heard that the lambskin condom doesn't protect STD as the hole are larger than the STD, thus the virus can get into the condom. So, I brought a lambskin condom and put water into the condom, however, there is no water drop out of the condom!! Which mean water is no longer an indicator to test whether to test the entrance of STD virus as water molecular suppose to be smaller than the STD virus.
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    If condoms didn't protect against STDs then it wouldn't be so highly recommended. People sleep with others with STDs all the time and are fine because of condoms. If you're not happy then just don't have sex. Simple.
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