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    The three people involved in this are myself (male) my best friend (female) who I’ll name Sara and a girl I’m currently developing a relationship with (that I’m not 100% sure that I want ) who I’ll call Charlotte.
    So me and Charlotte have been on and off for the past few months, we hook up every so often at my place and it’s nice but sometimes I don’t know if it’s what I want and I think she feels the same way.
    Me Charlotte and Sara went to a party the other day (decided to go completely sober) and I proceeded to have a good time not really worrying about my relationship with Charlotte. Soon a friend of charlottes (male) comes up to me and asks about what I want out of the relationship and I say I’m not sure. After a long 5 minutes of this guy trying to convince me to get serious with Charlotte I decided to say I could see it going somewhere just to get him to leave. Later on in the party I’m chilling in the main dancing area and a girl from my college, who I’ve always thought is extremely attractive came up to me and started flirting saying things like “you know I’ve always thought you were hot” etc etc . She started getting a little touchy and I soon told her about my situation with Charlotte. She said she understood and then asked to kiss me, she attempted to kiss my lips but I moved and she kissed my cheek.
    During this whole situation, Sara (best friend) is watching and decides to go straight to Charlotte and tell her what happened which is entirely out of her business. I then went up to Charlotte to actually tell her what happened (as I hate to keep secrets ) and as I told her she revealed that she already knew through Sara. However, Sara decided to tell her that me and the girl actually hooked up. This made me quite angry at Sara. I’m debating on whether I should talk to her about it? If I talk to her about it then it could risk our friendship but to be honest what she did that night could have ended things with me and Charlotte.

    Confront her but do it calmly and gently. Explain to her how you feel and ask her why she did it. Don’t get angry. It’ll make things worse.
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    It sounds like you need to be straight with Charlotte and decide her whether you actually want to be in a relationship with her at this point. It was wrong of the other girl to exaggerate what happened with the girl from college but you need to stop stringing Charlotte along.
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