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    Hello, I confided in some of my closest friends saying I was a virgin when we were talking about our personal lives, they talked about the guys that they went with and had sex with and all that, then after that at school they keep on telling me (like every single day) how bad is for me to be a virgin because no one likes me, I'm ugly and have a bad personality (I know they say it in a joking way but still I feel bad) and wants to do 'it' with me, I said to them before it was my personal choice to because I'm religious and believe in sex after marriage with the special person if I do marry and I don't value sex anyway as much. The thing I feel super insecure about myself, I think theres something wrong with me . Is it bad to stay a virgin still?
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    Have sex when you want to have sex. Whether that's religious, personal or feeling ready to. Sex doesn't make you better or worse at anything in life. And I believe you're still at school. You have far more important things to worry about and be focused on.

    OP, ask your friends about their sex lives.
    How many of them of them have picked up infections or gotten pregnant?
    How often their boyfriends give them orgams. (probably rarely or never).
    How good they are at giving oral. Ask them if, for example, they can deep throat. Or what they do with their hands when they go down on a man.
    How they do anal. (probably not at all for most of them, or maybe dry or with a bit of spit for some of them)

    Ask them what they do with their boyfriends outside the bedroom (I bet it's predictably boring: pub, cinema, McD's, staying in).

    For 2 reasons.
    1 you might learn something. Although don't be surprised if you learn nothing useful.
    2 it will show that although they may think they are soo cool and worldly wise, now that they've had a bit of sex, the reality is that they still have a huge amount to learn. So that someone could take the mickey out of their sex lives: "You know nothing, Jon Snow".
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