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    This is a thread for those doing the GCSE French exams in 2018.

    My exam board is AQA and I'm really curious as to how people are revising and if anyone knows any good revision resources for French! x

    Hi! I am currently A2 and I did GCSE French a couple of years back. I'm currently self-teaching french as I am thinking of moving to France.

    Some of the ways that worked for me were:
    >Printing off the official Vocab list from the Spec from AQA (There is deff one, they have to have one!)
    >>> By doing a bit everyday ensures you have a solid understanding of each word.
    >Doing some extension work (I know it sounds disgusting but keep reading!). You can ask your teacher for an essay title and write a 150 word essay. It's super important to get some practice on this stuff. The better you are then you got a better chance at nailing that exam
    >Revising verb endings from textbooks. You'd be surprised how much u lose for the odd wrong verb ending! Just make sure they can't deduct marks for no reason!

    Hope this helped!
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    i have a grammar and translation book, which really helps me secure my grammar properly. i do a page or two each week but it definitely helps me and i understand the grammar better.
    i also try to revise my vocab regularly as content can gain you a lotta marks in the writing exam! got 24/32 on my 150 word question without doing much revision beforehand- content definitely helped me gain marks.
    our teacher sets us tasks on pearson active learner for reading + listening, but i'm pretty sure cgp do workbook with those activities, so i recommend buying them to practice the other skills.

    Quizlet is one of the best apps for revising French, i’m taking the AQA 2018 exams too and it really helps to revise vocab. Not exactly sure how to revise for grammar/tenses though but i’m working on it through revision guides. For listening, french music helps quite a bit and listening activities online too
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Updated: February 18, 2018

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