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    Hi I have an interview next week at LCF for costume design and I have no idea what to expect! I don't know if anyone has already been to one that might have some advice about what they're looking for and what to take?? Very nervous and dont know what to expect!

    Though none at LCF, I've gone to a few different costume interviews and had offers back.

    I'd split the things you can talk about or show them into four sections:
    1. Costume and general design
    2. Practical experience and textiles skills
    3. Skills and experiences closely linked to the course (I told them I also acted, which meant that I had a greater understanding for an actor's needs)
    4. Other skills and experiences you can link to the course or prove something about you ("I taught myself multiple languages- this shows that I can be an independent learner", "I was treasurer for the school council, so I know how to budget")

    I had display boards from the shows I had worked on, photos of some of my best and most recent sewing work (with samples of fabric and buttons), embroidery I had done, examples of my acting/lighting design/prop making/make up/playwriting experience, sketchbooks that demonstrated my design style and where I got my inspiration from, and essays that proved that I could critique or research a show in-depth.

    My first interview was a group interview, and I was the only 'thespian' applicant; the others had all developed an interest in costume and theatre quite late, but had experience in other areas such as photography and general textiles, and could apply those skills to theatrical costuming. If it's a similar case with you, then play to your strengths but try to show how your non-costuming experiences will shape your work ("I do photography...if you look at my work, then you'll see that I have an eye for detail, and an interest in using colour creatively.").

    At a few of my interviews, a group of applicants was taken for a tour while the interviewers looked at the work they had brought in. When we returned for the interview, they picked out specific pieces they wanted to talk about. This spooked me as I thought that I would be able to explain my work to them myself, so make sure your work is well-organised and clearly annotated. My teacher made me go through my sketchbook and annotate every drawing with research, my inspiration, the fabric I would use- and the second we were told that we were leaving our sketchbooks alone, I was glad she did. It leaves a good impression of a person who is both creative and professional, even if they never ask you about it. However, they'll hopefully give you a chance to discuss a piece of your own choice, so think about which piece of your work you can say the most about, or you're the most passionate about.

    Lastly, brush up on the course and university itself, and your personal statement. "Why this course? Why this university?" - as it turns out, "Costume design, innit?" isn't considered a proper response. I noticed that one course, unlike others I had applied to, did special effects make-up, and I made a note to mention my experience with doing zombie make-up for professional productions- or that I was interested in their year of industry experience in Europe because I spoke a few foreign languages. Since they'll have chosen to interview you based on your personal statement, it's likely that you've already provided both them and yourself with hooks they/you can latch onto. I was pleasantly surprised when interviewers pointed out a photo I had included of my viola, which I had mentioned in my statement.

    I hope it all goes well for you! It can seem intimidating at first, but keep your head up high.
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