Will CAMHS go against my medical school application?

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I am in year 12 and hoping to study medicine. I'm an A grade student and I'm involved in a scholars program at my city university (a Russel group university) which will give me favour in the application process AND allow me onto the course with ABB instead of AAA, so the future is looking bright. However, a few years ago when I was 14 I attended therapy at CAMHS due to issues with depression, anxiety, self harm, and a few other issues. I never had a "formal diagnosis" (I think) and I have never been on medication. I stopped going when I was 15. However, the GMC states that in order for them to be sure you are fit for practice as a doctor, you must disclose if you have been treated for mental illness in the past, or if you have deliberately harmed yourself. Will I have to disclose my past? I am fully recovered now, never ever think of harming myself and wonder why I did it in the first place. When I was at CAMHS I was told that it would go down on my medical history as being a patient at a children's hospital, with no specifics. However, my GP has mentioned it at appointments when I stopped going, asking did I want to go back. Will I have to disclose this and will it effect my fitness to practice, even if it doesn't effect me at all anymore?
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In summary: yes, you will have to declare it. No, it won't affect your fitness to practise / starting a medical degree.

In full: You will not be required to declare any health information to anyone who is involved in deciding whether or not to offer you a place at medical school, ie. admissions tutors. So there will no prejudice to that side of things. Anyone who is offered a place at medical school, is done so subject to (grades), police (DRB) check, and a satisfactory occupational health clearance. Occy health will send a questionnaire to everyone, asking about physical and mental health problems both previous and current, and vaccination history. You need to be honest. They will also require you to agree to them contacting your GP for any further information they may require. Sometimes this is sufficient, or sometimes they might ask to meet you to discuss things further. The purpose of an occupational health check, is not to be punitive, but to ensure that you have any support that you need in order to be able to successfully undertake a medical degree. Having had a history of mental health problems, does not automatically mean that someone cannot do medicine. There is no set list of conditions that are definitely ok or definitely not ok. What they want to see, is that you have sought help for any problems that you have had or still currently have, and that things are currently stable. For anyone else reading this, 'stable' can also mean currently taking medication. Many medical students and doctors have mental health problems. It is much preferred that they seek the help that they need, rather than being afraid to.
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When it starts to create problems is when people don't disclose or put outright lies on their Occupational Health forms. If that comes to light later that is when fitness to practice is questioned.

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