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    Okay, so I've been struggling on and off with school refusal/avoidance for about a year. More on than off, and contrary to what you may initially think, I do, in fact, quite enjoy school.

    It started for a number of stress related reasons (we've all been there, I'm sure) but now it's just a case of, "Do I feel like school today? Nah." Every single day. I skipped the entire week before half term which made me feel pretty empty because even if I was absent the rest of it I always put in an appearance on the Thursday or even the Friday.

    This has resulted in 1 fine already, and unless I do something quickly, my parents will get another one (this time up to five grand) and I'll live for the rest of my days with the words "All your fault" bearing down on my shoulders.

    They've already said that if I don't go on Monday morning, they'll remove me from my school and either homeschool me or put me someplace else. Trouble is, it IS already Monday morning; I have to be at school in 6 and a half hours.

    Like I said, I do like school and I would love to be able to go there every day like a normal kid again but I cant find the motivation anymore.

    It might seem petty but it's difficult, for me, at least, to empathise with somebody if I haven't had their experiences myself, and I assume it's no different for you if you haven't struggled with refusal or any other form of poor attendance before.

    Put simply, unless you have a medical reason, truancy is like this disgusting drug that addicts you from the first dose, and makes it so that you want nothing more than to stay home and keep playing Final Fantasy IV, feeling empty inside and then later getting frustrated at yourself for failing to do something so easy.

    Basically, help. What do I do? I want to go to school but at the same I really, really don't.

    In case you wanted to know, I'm in Year 10 and my name's Lachlan.

    Get off your ass and go to school not just for your parents sake but for yours. You will have no clue about this in year 10 but education shapes your future, this is from a second year university student. Hard work isn’t something you should shy away from it builds character
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    Stop making excuses and trying to rationalise your behaviour. Get your arse in gear and just go to school. You are being incredibly selfish and putting your parents in a very tough situation. The fact it even got to the point where they could be fined 5 grand is ridiculous. And yes if they do, it is completely your fault and you could have very easily stopped it. Take some responsibility and go to school.
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