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How to talk to him about it ? watch

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    Over the past few days my boyfriend has been acting like the biggest ****. I try to message him and he will reply but just with really short responses which makes it hard to hold a conversation. Then when I actually see him in sixth form he does the same but is really chatty and happy with everyone else. We usually walk to the bus stop together after class but he just rushed off and left me. He says that he can’t meet up becuase he’s busy doing work etc but then he meets up with his friends for last minute plans all of the time. I asked him if I did something to annoy him and he just said no. It’s put me in such a bad mood becuase I have no idea if some something to annoy him or if other stuff is going on. I want to talk to him about it but how should I bring it up ?
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    First of all, well done for thinking of saying something when your upset rather than just hiding it, hoping it will get better because 9/10 it probably won't (Based on own experience). I would sit him down and just tell him how you feel. If he isn't bothered then faff him, he can go get knotted. If he is a true boyfriend he will understand and want to make it better. You may wish to write a list of the things you want to say so that you don't forget anything. You can do this whilst in the sixth form or when you are on the bus with him. In past experience the phrase "I have something important i want to discuss, i'd like to explain it before you ask questions, so please wait until i have finsihed and then you can ask questions, ok" But whatever you do, don't let him bully you into submission, its not worth being miserable just so you can say "Yes i have a boyfriend". Good luck and well done again for beig willing to show your emotion.
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    Boys are just strange sometimes. It could be many things. The most likely thing is that he previously might have thought that he himself was too attached to you and now wants to become less so ?
    It could also be that he wants more attention? But the way boys show that isn’t by literally asking for it but more like reverse-psychology sort of thing?
    I would definitely bring it up to him but try not to bring up any accusations. Instead of saying you think something is wrong or asking WHAT is wrong ask him if anything’s wrong. And if he says no then tell him why you feel like he is being off.
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    Sometimes u just got to go ahead be honest if u want a change u got to stand up for urself I mean Dnt let people use u n treat u like they want when they want u get me its could be a small misunderstanding just go for it n maybe sometimes it’s just not worth it but it’s better knowing the truth than just assuming
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    This is how you bring it up- "Why you being a ****?"

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