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Did he cheat on me? watch

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    I am 17, he is 18. Let's call him 'M'

    We were best friends from about June 2014.

    November 2016 we started going out and it was great (both starting year 12). Couple months ago he had just left to another school.

    December 2016- my friend tells me very specific information on how a girl and him were flirting a lot/she sat on his lap (I would not have believed this except just days before, B told me that girl was sitting on another guy's lap. Very specific information and that couldn't be made up)

    January 2017, he has a screenshot of a girl who goes to my school in a bikini sent to himself (from her instagram), he says it was just to compare that I'm better. ha

    February-April 2017- we barely meet up, i try to but he just seems so unbothered, but doesn't at the same time. Most conversations only had a lot of effort on his side if it led to something sexual, then he would somehow have a great reason to leave. He wouldn't come out if it was just for me, usually if he was already doing something. He ditched me last minute, even if i spent an hour and a bit getting ready, getting to the location for him to tell me he can't make it, or make the time much shorter than what he had originally promised.
    I was the one asking to meet up. During this he would tell me he was just really busy (he does go to a very intense school, but i think anybody can make half an hour a week.)

    April-June 2017- we do not meet for 2 months. Either last minute ditching or just doesn't initiate it.

    June 2017- not there for me at all when my grandmother died and I was very upset

    Would cause most of my tears.

    July- on my birthday- I had enough, and I know it was wrong on my part but I went on his account.
    I saw messages to a girl I had never heard of who is supposedly very close to him. This girl got many other girls to send him nudes. He spoke about this to her, and about the satisfaction he got from.. doing things to them.
    He got nudes from other girls. Spoke about them and how he was 'frustrated' (believe me it wasn't because lack of me)

    My heart pounded so hard, I cried every chance I could get, confronted him, told him I knew. He laughed and denied it. He didn't contact me for 2 weeks at all. When I was the one in pain.

    But he could have. He got tagged in a meme about leaving a girl 24 hours they get her pregnant. the tagged comment was 'M look who it is' and he replies 'I wouldn't get her pregnant in the first place'

    I get very upset. I contact the girl who tagged him in this to begin with (a vert close friend of his)
    I don't sound too crazy, but I ask if he played me. She has no idea who I am and what/who I'm talking about (despite him telling me he told his friends about me)

    She said 'I thought you broke up 6 months ago.'

    He contacts me. He denies the cheating fully, says it didn't happen at all, and has said this since July.
    When i nearly saw his Facebook 2 months later, he almost cried, snatching my phone off me aggressively. If had nothing to hide, surely he'd willingly want to show me?
    He also says the meme thing was an inside joke or some other excuse.
    There are reasons for everything
    But he seems so genuine? Only when it's just him and I.

    I just think back to the way he was from 2014-2016 and I can't imagine that M ever hurting me like he has, so I believe his excuses.

    He's tried to get back with me, but my relapses from my birthday just make me feel to insane. And I do not trust him

    What do you think?
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    I think it's time to find someone else and cut ties with him. You've be swung around more than a yoyo. Not worth setting yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.

    He's not showing any kind of commitment and doesn't sound like he can be trusted. I'm sorry you've been so hurt but at least you can see his true colours now.
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