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How to start out in the film making industry?!?! watch

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    1. YES before you ask I have researched A LOT and i want to work in the film industry
    2. I KNOW it is difficult to get into but that is just fueling my determination even more
    3. even though i am doing academic a levels i DO NOT want to go into something academic or teaching when I am older
    4. Before you type "its about connections and portfolio" i know i know but my main question is, how on earth do you bloody start a film journey? Even starting out as a runner, how on earth do you start doing that?

    okay here goes:
    Hello, I am an A Level student in year 12 currently wanting to go into film/cinematography/photography when I am older. I chose quite academic subjects as I also enjoy them, however, would not go into them in the future as I have always wanted a more creative job. The 3 subjects I am carrying on next year are French, Philosophy+ethics and history. I do photography and filmmaking in my own time which I also enjoy and get more out of as I can take my time and go into more depth than if i were to do it at school where the majority of the work would probably be "evaluate your work blah blah blah". I have been researching about university however I am not too sure if it is for me...Spending 3 whole years on a film/photography course learning things I already know/could learn online? Doesn't sound that appealing to me. Spending so much money on a degree that would not benefit me in the film production world as it is known that only 2% of film graduates get employment as most film companies want people with experience!!!. In those 3 years I could be getting experience and making connections! The thing is how on earth do you make connections?! If anyone knows anyone that works in the film industry, how did they start off? University seems good if you want to go into teaching but film is a totally different story.
    Does anyone have any advice on what to do if you want to go into film/photography but don't feel the need for a degree? Any advice on how to gain experience? I live in a small town but I would love to move to London (i know i know it's expensive asf but i will figure it out).
    Anyway thank you for taking the time to listen to me natter on about myself you must be pretty bored by now Have a fabulous week/day/life
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    You've not had a reply so thought I'd help out. I work in the photography industry in London, and whilst there is some crossover in the beginning between moving image folks and stills, it is slightly different for film peeps and unfortunately, I can't help there.

    With photography, you don't need to go to uni. I know enough assistants and big shot photographers who either did other non-photography/creative degrees e.g. Psychology, Engineering, English etc and people who decided they'd skip uni altogether and either swapped careers or just decided they wanted to work in photography. If you can save yourself some debt, do it!

    How to get started in the industry and gain experience?
    - Start as an assistant. Email production companies, photographers who's work you're into and or agencies and apply to be a runner / assistant. Some agencies and photographers even offer/are happy to take people on as interns for a while.
    - Have some knowledge about kit and software. Direct Digital in London offer day long assistant workshops and courses for beginners in the industry. They also hold occasional networking meetups.
    - If you can't make it down to London, go to the nearest big city. Manchester has a thriving (more commercial) industry where you might be able to get work.
    - Maybe gain some experience in the photography department of your local college or uni or join the local photography club and network that way.
    - Assist wedding photographers. Long days, goodish money and you could then save to do some work in London/Manchester.
    - Join the AOP.
    - Have a clean driving license and a good attitude. Speaking an extra language also helps for location jobs. You'll get far with these.

    Re: film, I believe there's a union all the runners/gaffers,DOPs etc are a member of. Join that, and hopefully you can get more advice and even some jobs. Particularly with film, you don't need to be based in London to kick start or have a successful career (although it helps).

    Good luck!

    I've a degree of " concepteur réalisateur audiovisuel " in france if u have any questions i'm here to help.
    My first advice ( and sorry for my english btw ) would be, get contact, knowing peoples in the industry will help u way much more than having a degree, try to find some " traineeship " ( not sure that's the right translation ) where u could meet peoples and learn alot, also go to movie festivals, here you'll find alot of professional from the industry you'll be able to talk with, try to get their phone number or make them want your, show ur skills or show ur interest in the industry, make them become interested by u and they won't forget to call u back.
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