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    I never used to be self conscious when i was young but now its a reocurring thought. Im 19 and constantly think about what i look like. I think i look okay in the mirror and nobody ever says im ugly its normally just me. I dont know if its because i have low self esteem or im just obsessing about the wrong things? When i ask girls out i dont usually have a problem. I have had some very good looking girlfriends and they all said i was hot. But i havent went out with a girl in a while now and i cant stop thinking about what i look like? My family says im good looking as well as my friends and people on facebook always message me. I dont know anymore. Was wondering if anyone else felt this way? And if so what to do in order to not care. Its weird becos some older photos of me i think look horrible and i dread looking at them. Whereas some photos i take i like a lot. I wanted to post a photo but theres no link on here to do so. What are your opinions? Thanks.

    I could do the whole 'it doesn't matter what you look like' thing and tell you that I'm sure you're lovely so who cares but who knows? And it doesn't exactly help. I don't know whether you're attractive or not but I'm certain you have at least one feature you could love and focus on? If it helps I know how you feel
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    First off, you gotta realize that this is NOT a competition. You look how you look, and other guys look how they look, so you need to stop comparing yourself to other dudes right away. There's always going to be someone out there better looking, taller, funnier, smarter, richer, etc. than you are. So you can't worry about them. If you feel the need to compete with those guys, you will ALWAYS lose, because you will always find people who have something you don't. The next thing you have to realize is that looks aren't as important as most guys make them out to be.

    We tend to think that because we judge girls based on their looks, they judge us based on ours. And while that may be true for some women, the vast majority can see beyond your looks because women are affected more by their emotions than anything else. So if you have the ability and knowledge to make a woman feel the emotions you want her to feel, then you are on equal footing with the guys you think are more physically attractive than you. Understand that PERSONALITY is the great equalizer in attraction.

    You can be an ugly guy, but if you're funny and interesting, you can be more attractive to a girl than a male model is. Some women won't go for physically unattractive guys, but some women will, because each woman has her own model of what she finds attractive and sexy. You just need to find the women that feel YOU fit their model and do your thing to get them. Don't worry about the girls who want a guy who's taller or better built than you are, because there are a billion other girls who will respond to what you have to offer.
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