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Everything seems to be going down hill fast. Anyone have any advice? watch

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    This may seem hard to grasp. But I have been living with terrible anxiety and depression for several years now. My body tries to make sure I Don’t leave the house due to several factors.

    Let’s start of with the start.
    I was bullied from year 7-Year 11. This drastically ruined and crushed my self esteem, happiness for school and reduced the amount of friends I had to single digits.

    My body does not want to leave my
    House due to me thinking people are judging me 24/7. My body makes sure I don’t leave my house by making me feel like I need a toilet whenever I’m outside. (Imagine needing a poo, whenever you leave/plan to leave) . Not sure why my body does this. But it is as bad as it seems

    I’m in counselling and they are putting me up to a more serious section to see how they can help. But this toilet thing
    Has been going on for 4 years now. I just joined A levels and I am not even making it in most days due to this “illness”

    I need help trying to get through this before I get kicked of my A levels and ruin my future life. (More serious counselling starts in 4 months)
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    What advice from the counselling sessions so far have you been given which you have proactively tried to implement?

    Knowing what you have done to try and help yourself so far and to what effect (even if none) will help give others a good starting point in what advice and support to give you next.

    Edit, PS (for the record):

    1. Quality not quantity of friends is what matters the most.

    One good staying friend is worth more than a 100 people who call themselves your friend but who drop you quicker than a hot brick when you're in a time of need. These people who dropped you were never actually real friends to begin with, however, most people are actually unwittingly surrounded by false/weak friendships like this (and the only difference between you and them is that they just haven't been through testing enough times yet to realize this).

    You never know for certain who your true friends are until you go through a trying time (and having even just a handful of true friends is actually more than some of what even the most seemingly popular people actually have).

    2. (I'm no doctor), but anxiety issues are we known for causing stomach issues. There's a good chance that as you learn to deal with stress better, your physical discomfort will clear up.

    3. You gotta stop catastrophizing stuff. You have not failed your A levels, your life is not over, you are still young and you have many good attributes!

    You gotta stop talking yourself down and fearing for the worst; you may have been bullied in the past, but there is still one person bullying you, and that is you yourself!.
    You need to start standing up for yourself to yourself (fighting to think with more positivity, learning to like yourself etc). Battle for your own happiness!

    I’m currently living with anxiety and depression but yours sounds more severe than mine due to you not leaving the house. Therefore, I do manage to leave my house but I do think people are staring and judging everything they can about me. I have been bullied through secondary school and I left school last year and that put my self-esteem down a lot too. But I’ve managed to move on from it. It’s still there in the back of my mind but I don’t think twice about it anymore as I don’t see the people who did this anymore. Counselling is probably the best solution for you right now and I’m hoping they’re doing their best to help you. If you ever feel like talking to someone, pm me. I’m here to help
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