Evaluate the view that pressure groups undermine democracy (30marks) Watch

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Please help me

I have to mention pluralism and elitism

sorry + thank you
its 1am why am i like this hahaha

Idk why, I just can't seem to get this one done
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Eim not going to give a full essay but the arguments for:

Elitism is theory that on the most wealthy, articulated, intelligent pressure groups from the esteemed have more interest by the government to be heard (such as the bar council or BMA) to which the majority of pressure groups such as the CND, ash, forest, teachers unions are set aside by disinterested government leadsto the matter that democracy is not government of the people for the people and by the people as only a few opinions are actually listened to, and in the case of the bar council and bma they are sectional groups attempting to gain for personal interest, not issues.

Many pressure groups use lobbyists such as amnesty international which by practice is the provide of money to MPs for their favourability on a topic which undermins their role of accountability to provide the opinion of their constituents out rightly

Many pressure groups undermine democracy by representing their members interest and cause when there favoured political party is in power, to exemplify most unions such as Unite, GMB, represent their members and cases such as workers rights under a labour government which means the pressure groups undermine the opinions of their members and supporters under the current ruling government, this means these people are unable to input their opinion to the government.

Normally the case of pluralism is for external bodies influencing the decision of government, however also facilitating the ability to campaign outside of government, the issue with pressure group protests such as the CND, is that people become disengaged from mainstream politics due to partisan dealignment as they become apathetic to the broader political policies parties proposals in their manifesto, as people become preferential over certain policies then others.

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