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    So, I was always a hard working student at GCSE and I adored going to school, all of my friends where there and I felt comfortable in the space and this encouraged me to learn and do well, I managed to get mostly A grades. However, since I’ve started Sixth Form I absolutely hate going and have skipped some lessons aswell as having medical issues resulting in my attendance being 85%, which my parents are unaware about and would kill me if they found out. I’m genuinely concerned as I wish to get decent (ABB) at A levels, I’m currently studying Maths, Computer Science and Geography, which I know aren’t the easiest of all subjects. Also at sixth form I have none of my friends, and I haven’t found anything about it that really motivates me, in fact I guess I get turned away from it, it’s far away and I’d much rather spend my time at home in bed asleep. I’m also worried as I’m undecided as to what I want to do after my A levels. I doubt I will go university and I already have had enough of a school environment, however I would like to do an aprrentiship into computer science of some sort, is this possible? Also any advice on the attendance problem? I’m stressing out about it to the point that I’m worrying my self so much I can’t sleep. Thank you!

    I have a similar situation to yours in the sense that I loved my GCSE environment and then I moved to a sixth form where the environment was trash compared to my last school. However, as for the attendance part, there have been days where I just haven’t wanted to come in and I’ve had a day or two for when I acc had medical issues to attend to. But the days I just can’t be be asked to come in, I always go back to think why I’m doing what I’m doing and why I want the good grades. Remember that if you wanna ensure u get the top grades, just keeping going into school from now on, what’s happened has happened. From now on just keep ur head high and try ur hardest to get to school, don’t let yourself use petty excuses not to go to school. But it’s okay to miss days when u have a genuine medical issue, during these days just ask the teacher for any work u missed and for any of there help to get you started. Just remember that there’s still hope, and you can achieve it if u put in the effort. With the school environment I feel as if u should push that out the way and just consider ur studies, that’s what I’ve been doing, it sucks not to have ur friends around but it also gives u the chance to branch out and make new friends, and no matter how bad the environment is there’s bound to be at least one person that you can connect with. Stay strong.

    If you have any other question please let me know, sixthform is a struggle but we can survive. Hope this helped.
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    85%? If you're skipping lessons on purpose and you want to do well in a levels, that will bite you back later on.
    Are you in year 12 or 13?
    If you're in year 12 it's not too late to turn things around.
    I know what you mean though, sixth form can be very exhausting and on certain days I do admit to skipping a lesson or two but if you skip lessons, it's not like gcse where you can always get away with not knowing what you should have learnt that lesson, in a level you have to make sure you aren't missing anything important and you have to do stuff you've missed in your free time.

    Making new friends is also nice as it makes it more bearable, this is easier said than done sometimes and it might take some time but it's worth it. I just started by talking to the people next to me in lessons and I think it worked out ok

    Tldr; friends are pretty cool and if you are skipping lessons without a valid reason then please don't. Imagine getting a surge of motivation later only to be held back by the fact you've missed a lot of lessons and thus a lot of content - this can get your new found motivation right back to 0 which isn't good.

    That being said, don't stress out too much as this is something you can easily turn around. If you were in year 13 and missed like 30% then it would be another story though

    Good luck ^^
    Ps, im also doing maths and computer science so if you need any subject specific advice feel free to send me a message
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    Thank you so much, it’s really helped hearing the better side of things. I know A levels are exhausting, but sometimes I just have to remind myself that it’ll be worth it at the end of it. I hope everything goes well for you! And good luck, hang in there, we can get through this! x

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