Should I stay in sixth form? Or should I go for an apprenticeship?

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Hi, I'm 17, and going to my secondary school's A levels. This school has great consistent A level results every year and always the highest in our borough. I was able to get all A*/A grades during GCSES and would call myself hard-working when work needed to be done. However, I'm halfway through my first year at A Levels, studying Maths, Physics and Product Design for a potential engineering course at University, and I hate everything that I'm doing. I feel extremely unmotivated since the idea of engineering was just based on what I don't mind the least as well as engineers being a stable job with good money. Yet, I feel thoroughly exhausted doing my subjects and all the other subjects in sixth form don't interest me at all. As of right now, I'm really unhappy, I'm not motivated to do hard work like I used to and have been looking into potential apprenticeships as studying, I feel, is no longer efficient to me.

Even before A-Levels, I had no clue what I wanted to be and I feel like I'm just doing this to make my parents proud, me being the first one of my family going to University. Honestly at a loss on what to do. I don't even want to go to University at this point. I know I have to stay in full time education until I am 18 so what do you guys think is my best course of action? Thanks
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get a good apprenticeship, earn whilst you learn!! it will set you up in a big multi national with fantastic job prospects.

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