Hi guys
I am extremely upset. On my first draft for my biology IA I received an 11/24 because I handed in a largely incomplete work, however I got a lot of written feedback, which I took into account. After editing each section I showed it to my teacher especially graph headings as she's always screeching about being specific. She gave me the OK. Couple months later she marks it and says she marked me down heavily on communication because my IA confused her. I was upset because I had shown her my work yet and all the graph headings which she said weren't okay...???
Would anyone with a high predicted for IA please talk to me? Also can I still get a 6 or a 7 if I do poorly on my IA? Do any of you know anyone like that?
I'm desperate and I'm losing motivation.
I should add she is a terribly harsh marker but I'm scared because my paper might not get sent off for moderation.