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I beg you to help me out in this situation watch

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    Hello guys,

    I'm going to stay as brief as possible, but despite that, please help me out and give me some advice on how to proceed dealing with this big issue.
    I met a girl about a year ago but she didn't seem to like me that much. I got into trouble because of my feelings for her, I took alcohol on a school trip in March and then got caught and sent to the Dean's Faculty for a review of the case. The consequences were light, however my parents didn't approve the girl because they thought that my grades were going down because of her and I got into trouble because of her.

    She showed that nothing serious could happen (a relationship), I tried various times to win her, but nothing happened and in August I gave up. We didn't talk a lot (we are from the same school), school started in September and up until the end of November we were aliens to each other. In December, from literally nowhere she began to give me attention, she cried to me when I tried to reject her, saying that she does her best to prove that she cares for me and I decided to give her a second chance.
    On January 12, we officially began our relationship. I lied to my parents, saying that this is another girl, and kept doing this until today when they understood that I was lying to them. I explained everything, but they continued being rude, they were shocked from the fact that I betrayed them, in a way, I told my father to take me to her home because I had to be with her for the night...
    My parents believe that she makes my grades go worse. She had a birthday yesterday and I didn't go out with her, her best friend also didn't go out and she was alone... on her birthday... and I feel so bad about it. I probably fixed the things today between me and she and I hope that everything is alright. However, she is making a party in a night club and my parents don't want to let me there and I am kind of feeling bad because if I don't go out with my girlfriend for the second time, our relationship is going to break down. I saw how sad she became after she didn't go out with anyone and doing this for the second time will make things really really bad and not changeable....

    So I beg you guys to share your opinion, how to convince my parents to let me go to the birthday party in the night club (im 17), because I really want to make her happy..... Thanks a lot!

    Maybe ask her to meet your parents so they know she's not bad for you?
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    Give them a reason to think why shes good for you
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