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    I just wanted to discuss my situation...

    I have friends - or rather just acquaintances...I mean we meet up once/twice a week and then thats it. We sometimes have convos on WhatsApp but they're short and only once in like two three months. But they are best friends themselves and i always feel like an outsider.

    Im in college and its feeling like i just have no friends.

    It hurts quite a lot considering my siblings have so many friends and theyre always going out to parties and for lunch and I sit at home...all day everyday. Its sad because i dont have any friends or any close cousins to share anything with - all i have is TSR i guess to vent out on.

    Im anticipating for Uni but its exactly what i anticipated for college. I thought i would come to college and make new friends, but no - everyone was already in their friends groups and there was no one i found to make friends with. Im scared Uni will be the same.

    I really wish i just had some good friends - in fact i wish i had at least one best friend ...Even on my birthday i just sit at home - no messages or gifts from any friend at all

    Well. I dont even know what to say - i feel like this might just cause me to go into depression. Like i dont feel motivated to study anymore and ive been getting bad grades recently aswell.

    Im literally a loner and its embarrassing - sometimes my family make jokes about how im anti social and have no friends. For them its a light hearted joke but for me it hurts inside because i know how true it is. I dont want to tell them because of how embarrassed I am.

    Nor am i anti social. Nor am i rude...like nothing yet for some reason i cant make friends. Everyone seems to already have friends and i just got left out.

    I just honestly dont know...I feel like im going to waste all these years with nothing. Older people have these crazy stories to tell about what they did with friends and what adventures they had...I will have none. Why? Because i was a loner. I didnt want to be. But i had nobody.

    I think real friendships are rare and most "friendships" are superficial. University is a good time to make friends and the easiest way is to stay in halls the first year. I am starting university in September and my brother who is 2 years older than me made many friends from his flatmates. He also was the kind of guy with no real friends while he was in school.
    In the first year at uni every one wants to make friends. If you are open to new people it shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, that 's what I ve been told and I hope it is true as I am starting university in a city and a country I don't know (I am from Greece)
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    I had the same problem, only mine continued throughout university. University was hell for me with people bullying me and me being alone all the time. I hated it and my grades suffered because I felt so lonely and depressed. And it wasn't through lack of trying either. I still don't have any friends - the people I work with meet each other outsides of work, but I've never been invited.

    I don't really have advice but to keep trying. Maybe join an out of school club in something that you're interested in - like rugby or the air cadets or something. The more situations you put yourself in the more the chance of finally finding friends.
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