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Desperate to leave school... (please advise) watch

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    I’m in Y11 at the moment, but progressively this year my school’s got worse. It’s like it up and down the country, I know, but it’s really bad at the moment and a negative environment to study in. I’m not being very productive because the culture is just so AWFUL.

    Leaving to go to college and do A levels starting in Sept. I don’t leave school till mid June. Have 12 academic weeks left or something like that, and honestly, I know it’ll fly but it feels too long.

    I have like one really close friend and three friends that I don’t mind... everyone else I actively dislike. I don’t seem to have a “group” anymore or fit in because I don’t like drinking on fields like everyone seems to...

    Self conscious that I look like a bit of a loner but literally nobody is on my level. I prefer most staff to most students and it’s not even funny anymore. I’m surrounded by children who aren’t on my wavelength and it feels like it’s squashing the person I am

    So yeah. Feels a bit isolating but nobody wants to know... everyone is in pre established cliquey groups, all of which are judgy, I’ve exhausted all possible options. My close friend is male and he sits with all the lads that he ish gets along with, but that’s pretty much out the question for me.

    The dynamic is just awkward. I feel really lonely. Don’t know what to do to feel better in the mean time. I’m ending up spending the last ten mins of lunch break in the toilet — the stereotype of ‘alternate’ people in school. :/

    I don’t like the person i’ve become. I desperately want to go to college. Heeeeelp... how am I going to get the best results in an environment that’s unsupportive and makes me feel so cross and sad to be there?

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    how am I going to get the best results in an environment that’s unsupportive and makes me feel so cross and sad to be there?
    Forget the environment.
    You dictate the book that is your life.
    If the environment pushes you down, push back.
    I know it sounds stupid and insensitive to say; stop wallowing in your self pity.
    You need to know that these grades will for the most part be with you for your entire life, whereas the place you hate so much, less than 12 weeks. You need to be bigger than your circumstances.

    Get up and do the best for yourself.
    Have a good life.
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