Is not conforming to gender stereotypes normal?

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Before I write this out, I just want to say I am NOT one of those cringy SJW types who scream about there being 50 genders. I'm genuinely just wondering other people's opinions on this matter.

I am a female, but I have never ever conformed to societies ideas of femininty or female behaviours. Even as a child I was a massive tomboy. Today, I am mistaken for a boy all the time. I'm mostly read as male in public, despite only being 5ft. I present myself in a masculine way, I wear mens clothing, have short hair, etc.

I recently read an article that I found quite interesting, about the erasure of "butch lesbians" and gender non conforming women in society. I found it interesting especially because I know nobody like me. I attend a college that has 2500 students, and I don't know of any females who are as "gender non conforming" as me. The only "gender non conforming" females I know of in college identify themselves as some other gender from tumblr, you know the type. But I am not like that at all.

The article got me thinking because I can't think of any women in the media who are like me, I don't know anyone who is as "gender non conforming" as I am, but still identifies with their biological sex. It's even got me wondering if I have gender issues!

I went through a gender confused phase a few years ago when I was younger and not as educated, and even saw a psychiatrist over it, but it turned out to be nothing more than a phase.

Anyway, this is just a random ramble of my thoughts, but has anyone had an experience like mine? Where you do not conform to societies "ideas" of how your biological sex is expected to behave, dress, etc? But still identify yourself with your biological sex? I feel like most people who are like me end up being transgender but I know that is not the case with me. Anyone else?
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Yeah, many people do. I would not say you are not conforming, you obviously know you are a female with unstereotypical tendencies. I dont know enough about this to really comment, but I would say that your situation is pretty normal.

Funnily enough, a good friend of mine is studying a Ph.D in UCLA and is basing his thesis on gender dysphoria. I find it pretty interesting, he catches alot of flack for it though because it is so controversial.

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