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Please help me. My best friend hates me for something I didn’t do watch

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    It my best friend’s birthday recently and me and one of her friends (who is a guy) went round her house for the night. We all got very drunk and that guy kissed me and tried to touch me up. I pushed him away and told him to stop. At the time my best friend was asleep through all this. The guy then pulled me on top of him and I tried to push myself off but he was stronger than I thought (I did eventually get off him). My friend woke up at this point and saw the movement in the dark and took it as us having sex.

    I told my boyfriend about how this guy did this to me because obviously he deserves to know that someone tried to do that to me even though I clearly didn’t want it. He accepted it even though he was fuming about that guy doing that to me but he wasn’t angry at me.

    My best friend, who was and still is angry at me because she believes that I had sex with that guy, called me up and asked me if I had told my boyfriend the whole truth. I said yes but what she thought was the whole truth wasn’t. So she proceeded to tell my boyfriend that I had had sex with that guy. This then led to a very messy day of tears and anger and a lot of drama as you can imagine.

    I managed to explain things to my boyfriend and everything is okay but my best friend still doesn’t believe me and she has called me a lying *****, among other stuff. She’ll phone me up and be horrible to me and have me in tears. I’ve hardly been sleeping. I’m shaking constantly. I feel sick 90% of the time because I’m scared of what she’ll say to me next.

    Along with this I go to a different sixth form to them (there are a few in the town where we go to college) so I’ve no idea what she is saying to my boyfriend. If he’s hearing those lies every day then he might end up believing them. I don’t know why she’s doing this; some people think it’s jealousy, that she likes that guy but I’m not sure.

    I’ve explained to her a million times that 1) I didn’t want it, 2) we didn’t have sex, 3) I tried to stop him and 4) that what she saw wasn’t what she thinks but I can’t seem to convince her otherwise.

    I really don’t know know what to do. I’ve been up until dawn most nights and I can’t concentrate in class. Please give me some advice as to what I can do to solve this
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    Not much you can do if she's dead set on believing this. I would just try and cut contact with her. She's being really immature and pathetic doing all of this and you don't need that. You said your boyfriend trusts you and isn't mad at you so just keep him close to you and if he loved you he will know none of what she is saying is true. It will blow over and you can move on soon.
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    If you really see no hope of convincing her otherwise, she is not a good best friend. You can’t afford to stress, worry and lose sleep over someone like that so best thing to do would be to cut contact with her like DrawTheLine said. Hopefully you won’t have to do the same thing with your boyfriend.
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