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Loughborough Vs Leeds for Accounting and Finance

Hey got offers from both Leeds and Loughborough for Accounting and Finance. Both requiring the same grades.

Its basically leeds or loughborough for my firm choice. Really confused, dont know which one to decide.

Can some-one pls help.

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Well first off, I think having a Firm and Insurance with the same grades goes a little against the whole point of having an Insurance ... but oh well.

The difference between Leeds and Loughborough:
- Loughborough is definitely a University and with a Town stuck on the side. In Leeds, if you have the day off there are probably a thousand and one different activities, shopping centres etc to amuse yourself. In Loughborough it definitely becomes a matter of finding things yourself: joining clubs/societies, doing sports.
However, saying that, with Leicester and Nottingham so close by train, it is not to say that you are stuck in the middle of nowhere - just that you will have to travel a bit further to get to all the shopping centres etc.

So thats probably the down side of Loughborough...
On the other hand
- Loughborough is definitely a University and with a Town stuck on the side. What you need is either on campus or in the town; bars, clubs, essential shops. You will definitely notice that quite a large percentage of people are students so you definitely won't feel like you are all alone, lost in a big city.
Students on campus at Loughborough University
Loughborough University
Does leeds offer an internship? Loughborough does.
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We are all clearly going to be biased =) Pick luffy =p
Choose which ever one you felt most at home at on the open day. I was stuck between Nottingham and Louborough, both had a great feel to them and both asked for the same grades, I then chose Loughborough as my first choice based on the sport side of things and Nottingham as my second as I knew they'd be more leniet with grades should I drop a couple.
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The same as parpirate.

I chose Loughborough for exactly the same reason and Nottingham as my back up! :smile:

Open days are the only way of finding out which is best for you.
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I am from leeds so i know both leeds and loughborough well. Do you want to be in a position where you can jump out of bed at 845 and still get to your lectures on time? If so leeds isnt the place to be as accommodation is spread throughout the city and you could be a fair walk away from your lectures. As a fresher living in halls in loughborough (obviously depending on the hall!) you tend to be only 5-10mins away from everything.

leeds is a great city, especially for going out and the shopping is pretty good too! Loughborough on the otherhand isn't so good, but it is what you make of it!

what it really comes down to is do you want to be city based or campus based? I have always liked the idea of being on a campus, which is why i chose loughborough.
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i was in exactly the same situation.
chose loughborough :biggrin:
just need the grades...