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    Just a random thought. Wasn’t sure about it a couple years ago but am now considering getting a rhinoplasty (nose job) when I’m 18. I know that it’s important to love your body etc as it is and I also have tiny boobs (I’m talking 34AA) but wouldn’t ever want augmentation, I’ll embrace it (also hoping they’ll grow some more but I don’t really care either way). However I’m slightly insecure about how others will judge me for having a larger nose which is quite a prominent feature of my face, so I’m hoping a nose job would draw less attention to it. Is that bad? What are your thoughts and opinions on cosmetic surgery and why? Any ideas appreciated

    Nothing wrong with plastic surgery at all, as long as you do your research and don't cut corners. Do it in England, don't be like the thousands of idiots that go abroad and come back with several health problems. Other than that, there's nothing wrong with it. People will say that it'll keep you wanting more but if you know what you want and have thought about it, you can trust yourself. Its the same as someone getting braces, once the person has braces they don't just start saying stuff like..ok next I need to do this and that to my teeth too. Once the teeth are fixed, thats the end of it. So for the people who say once you get a nose job, you'll want to keep re-doing it to make it 10000% perfect, they're just completely wrong and watch too many interviews of those spoilt rich people always going to far. Fact is, Plastic surgery is common, more people than you would realise have had plastic surgery and only the odd 1 or 2 in 10000 give it a bad rep. Since i've shut down to cons already i'll just do the final one. The fact that people say you should love yourself for who you are...for that..erm if you're spending £2000 on something, im pretty sure it makes it yours. if you buy a bag, its considered yours, so why not the same?

    I think 18 is too young, unless it’s severely affecting your confidence.

    I used to be so against cosmetic surgery because I appreciated natural beauty, but we now live in a world where fake beauty is perceived as beauty nevertheless, so I’ve fallen into the trap of wanting cosmetic surgery myself. I’d love to get a facelift and surprisingly a boob reduction.
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    I would if it was severely affecting my life or if I had a bad accident and had really awful injuries. But I wouldn't if it wasn't serious.
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    I guess I've always been blessed because I was given a face and body that I am quite confident with so I've never really had any reason to desire getting plastic surgery but I've always believed if you're not happy with something - and I mean seriously uphappy, to the point where its robbing you off your confidence - then theres nothing wrong with getting it 'fixed' as you only have one life. So long as you don't get addicted and go too far and so long as you don't take it to freakish levels either (like when women want gigantic basketballs for breasts or want surgery to look like a blow up doll) if its natural and you are 100% certain that you'd look and feel better with a bit of tweaking here and there then go for it... but remind yourself that once you've got it, theres no going back.
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