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Anyone or Loners used BUNAC, CCUSA, Camp America whatever etc. Need Advice watch

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    Urgent response please

    I have had interest in going travelling this summer before i start my painful final pathetic year at uni. I chose BUNAC and im going on the work america program instead of camp counselor or whatever normal uni students do.

    I just want advice or your experiences on going on similar programmes like bunac and how it felt being. My case is different as i have social anxiety and virtually have **** all no friends and im starting to regret paying £100 whilst i am suffering with depression. I may have done this out of spite (although this has been my idea for 2 years) and i fear i might be doing this because of depression.

    I'm thinking the best thing to do is to sleep throughout summer (7 month break) and just gaming and getting drunk by myself everyday (similar to what i did last summer) as well as i get bullied in my zero hour contract job. Luckily i have no job offers yet but i dont feel ready doing this. My parents thinks im 'running away because i have nobody' and that has given me deep thought.... any experiences with american travelling?? going alone???

    Never done that but what I have done during the last 2 summers was work June July in uk and use money to volunteer and then travel in aug and sept. Bunac etc wasn’t worth it visa was too expensive no real value so I just emailed every single charity on the basis one out of 50 or so would up for some British guy helping out for a few weeks. I stayed in various Airbnb’s meet load so of ppl. Had a great time but I had to step way out my comfort zone. I went to New York City and Toronto. I’ll consider doing it again this summer too I’ll just pick a city somewhere perhaps in California or Vancouver maybe Honolulu for a laugh The good point is there is no visa, no pressure, and they’d feel extremely fortunate (see they had no idea it was a numbers game) plus I get unique work experience the normal student would even cross their mind doing. For me personally I couldn’t handle camp America etc or being there for several months it would be too overwhelming. Before that I did an exchange semester to Canada and found that there was no time for social anxiety and I had to step up massively as friends weren’t coming to me so I’d have to go to them. The other students I went there with didn’t do this and missed out on insane night outs and trips

    So I’m not really sure what advice I can give other than if you have the money just pick a city and volunteer there maybe go to another city too but do work out how to travel afterwards. Could see it as going travelling but an investment too
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