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Major new study underlines effectiveness of antidepressants and ranks effectiveness watch

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    As with anything, I'm sure this won't be perfect but certainly sounds positive going forward -

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    An international study measuring the effectiveness of anti-depressants has concluded that medication is an effective treatment for clinical depression. The intensive study, published in The Lancet, tested 21 different drugs and found them all to be effective compared to no treatment.

    The study found that anti depressants are more effective than placebo, however some anti depressants are more effective than others.

    You can read the full story here.

    What do you make of this? Does this surprise you? Has this changed your view on anti depressants? Should we look at alternative treatments alongside this?

    Amyltriptaline is also really good for nerve damage at the moment, the big problem is you need to keep ramping up the dose to make it effective, it also makes you super tired when you take it untill you gain resistance to it. (I am on amyltriptaline nor for depression just for nerve damage)
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    (Original post by Danny Dorito)
    What do you make of this? Does this surprise you? Has this changed your view on anti depressants? Should we look at alternative treatments alongside this?
    Yay a story pertaining to my area of study

    To answer all of those above, it's all rather obvious. Differences in efficacy are always going to be reported, but the overall view that antidepressants don't work (at least, to the mass population) was only bought around by the fact the media jumped on the study by Kirsch et al 2008 (which when replicated, folks either disagreed or drew different interpretations of his data). So no it doesn't surprise me that they work, and that some are better than others to varying degrees. Nor does it change my view.

    As for exploring alternatives, of course. We should always be striving to do that. The only problem is that since antidepressants came about, finding a new novel treatment has proven fruitless, and as a result, drug companies don't see it as profitable to continue psychiatric research in their pipeline. Last year Pfizer for example ended their research programme for Alzheimer's and Parkinsons, simply because psychiatric research is so difficult. But I do think we should always be searching for newer, more effective drugs.
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