With these relevant points included, can someone please be kind enough to write a full mark answer to this question?
'Explain why Harold won the Battle of Stamford Bridge.'
-Harold's five-day forced march from south to north was an extraordinary achievement, showing his leadership and organisation skills.
-Harold clearly has support throughout southern England and the Midlands: raising an army during harvest time meant communities might struggle to get through winter - it was a huge commitment for the English to make to their new king.
-The Viking army had their weapons and shields with them but had left their armour on their ships (it was a hot day). Perhaps a third of their men were with ships, too.
-Harold succeeded in taking Hadrada and Tostig by surprise; they were expecting an exchange of hostages with no expectation that Harold was even in the area.
-Hadrada's army had fought a battle five days before and was not expecting to fight another.
- The Viking troops may have felt misled: they had been informed (by Tostig) that Danelaw England hated its new king so their morale must have been hit when they saw Harold leading a large army against them.
-Harold's housecarls eventually broke the Viking shield wall. This shows that Harold's men had great endurance a well as formidable battle skills.