Most unusual history stories

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During the Napoleonic Wars there was a shipwrecked monkey landed in Hartlepool and was believed to be a French Spy, and was therefore hanged .
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There are a few that I can think of:

- During the 1st crusade, there was a large group of peasants led by a man called Emicho and a sect of the group believed that a goose was possessed by the holy spirit and on some occasions let it lead them in direction of the crusade

- During the reign of Charles II, there was a man who attempted to steal the crown jewels called Thomas Blood and nearly succeeded but in brief was caught and was supposedly let off, reasons uncertain and there are different ideas as to why and there was one story that when he met the King and told him of his flattening of the crown and snapping the royal sceptre and putting the orb down his trousers and denting it which Charles II found so amusing that he let him off and gave him £500 pounds and land in Ireland

- In the 3rd crusade, one of the leaders, Frederick Barbarossa King of Germany, went swimming in a nearby river and drowned after gathering a huge army and funds to fight the army of Saladin and the army mostly dispersed afterwards, a bit of a waste

- The children's crusade. A bunch of kids/teens went to Jerusalem as according to leader named Nicholas, God told him he would split the sea for him to walk and retake Jerusalem. This didn't happen and when they took a boat to Jerusalem all the kids were sold into slavery

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