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I am currently an undergraduate in Law and am wanting to do a second undergraduate degree in Psychology. I have an interest in international law, as well as psychology and neuroscience as separate disciplines and want to pursue both. After that I want to do a masters in international relations or something around that area.

I researched about this and there is this guy who is both a doctor of law and a medical doctor, with LLB, PhD, MBBS, BSc, MSc and others. So I think it is possible, but not sure what order I should get the degrees in or even where I could apply?

What should I do? Do you think this is a possible? Could I apply to do the masters and then go back to the undergraduate in psychology, or probably not right? Just looking for some advice.

Thank you xx
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It likely depends on exactly what areas of Psychology you're interested in and wish to pursue. It's quite possible you may be able to go onto a masters and PhD if it's an area which doesn't require say specialist neurobiological background (which probably would require UG level background) related to your law background.

As you note specific interest in neuroscience though, I would suggest it's likely you would need to "retrain" in this area for most PhD projects. It would probably be reasonably easy to move into a Psychology PhD in most areas from a neuroscience background however, so I wouldn't expect a need to pursue a degree in both (besides the point that often neuroscience/neurobiology courses often are available with psychology options or as joint degrees in the area).

The major issue would be funding - as you would not be eligible for SFE funding for your second degree, in general. Some part time STEM courses (which seem to more lie in the physical science/engineering/computing side than biosciences) are eligible for SFE funding however - you may wish to contact SFE to determine if any of the courses you're considering are eligible. Graduate entry medicine also has some funding availability - you can claim a maintenance loan for the SFE funded years (first year of an "accelerated" course, or the first 3-4 years normally of a standard UG course) and you will be able to be funded by the NHS for the clinical portion as normal. This would be a suitable backgroung for highly medically oriented neurobiological/neuroscientific research, as well as pursuing a career in neurology or psychiatry (academic or otherwise) of course.

However it seems you're more trying collecting degrees than having any specific interest in an area to pursue - I would suggest pursuing a PhD in one area (which may require a second undergraduate degree as above, depending on the project) and then exploring your other academic interests in your own time. Working as an academic you'll no doubt have opportunities to collaborate with your colleagues in these other departments or at least attend any open research seminars or symposia they may hold, and you'll at least be able to approach the work in an appropriate scholarly manner.

Merely adding a bunch of degrees at the same/similar level has a degree of redundancy as a great deal of the actual benefits and reason to pursue an academic degree would be the transferable skills involved - which you'll cover in any degree. Excepting those which you need a specific academic background to pursue work (in STEM areas, normally, such as neurobiology in your case) you don't really gain anything you couldn't get by just reading books, textbooks, journal articles and so on in your spare time in terms of pure intellectual stimulation. This is also the reason almost nobody gets more than one PhD - because that's beside the point, you would just start working in the other field.

I would recommend carefully evaluating your reasons for wanting to pursue so many disparate areas, and considering whether this is necessarily only served by getting degrees in these areas.

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