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    Hi, I've got an AC at PWC in 3 weeks and I've been looking at past posts for tips/advice on the day. Most people haven't mentioned an interview, but a couple of people from posts years ago have written about a one to one interview. I was wondering if anyone who's been to an AC recently had an interview or if this is done at a later date? Ive just been told about the numerical test, group or individual exercise and written communication. thanks!!

    Hey guys, does anyone know what the individual exercises (with the assessor) might be if there aren't enough people for the group exercise?
    Best of luck with your applications.

    Hi everyone!

    I used to research quite a lot when it came to the Big Four application processes, it was all very foreign to me, so I hope my experience helps someone!

    1st stage: Online tests
    This entailed 2 tests, verbal and numerical reasoning. The verbal reasoning is essentially reading a passage and you're then given statements to which you have to identity whether they're mentioned/not/cannot say from the text. And the maths for the numerical reasoning is very basic, just make sure to go over ratios, percentages if you haven't worked with numbers alot - it's nothing to worry about. You can buy some practise tests - I did, and the real ones turned out to be waaaay easier, so I guess it's best to over prepare?

    2nd Stage: Assesment Centre
    The day took about four hours and the location it takes place in will not always be your chosen office location! The day entailed: A repeat of the numerical and verbal reasoning tests (Difficulty is pretty much the same as the online tests - just practise to boost your confidence), a group exercise and a in tray excercise. I'll start with with the in tray excercise as this was the one I was most confused about and I'm sure, most of you are confused about also.
    What it is essentially is, you'll be given a set of emails and a set of multiple choice questions of how you would respond to certain emails, which you would respond to first etc. And after that, you'll be asked to write an email- so they'll give you a sheet which basically tells you all the points you need to include you need to make sure your include the revealing points and can write a professional email. My tips for this is make sure you pay attention to the dates in each email and keep an eye on the time - as it goes by very quick!
    The group exercise, is your put in a group and a task is given where you group has to come to a conclusion of how to go about a given context, assessors are watching and typing everything you do so remember act professional. Listen when someone speaks, don't overtake, make sure you to contribute enough - randomly half way through they'll drop a random email that's suppose to change the direction of the task- this is nothing to worry about. Your group should calmly discuss how to tackle this.

    3rd stage: Partner interview
    This takes place at your chosen office location, and should last about an hour. Here, your interviewed by a senior/above staff so won't always be a partner (mines was a director) It'll be a casual chat and, I read a lot of different experiences, but personally mines was competency based questions e.g. where have you shown leadership, but the director I had was very relaxed and kept on drifting away from the question which I was grateful for haha. I thought it'd be nerve wracking, it's actually the easiet part, explain your answers clearly, show your confident but not arrogant, make sure you know your chosen service line and the company well.

    My application started in November from the online tests and finished in January to the offer being made - this included Christmas, so it's understandable, the long process.

    Hope this gives you an insight of how it'll be like and it helps any school leavers out
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    Thank you so much! That’s perfect ☺️ If my day goes any differently to this I’ll add an update
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