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    Sometimes I have these weeks when I feel so depressed and can't concentrate so I don't come to school. I want to come but I feel like there's no point coming if I'm not going to take anything in. The last time it happened it got so bad I ended up calling 111 afraid I was going to take my own life but they offered no useful help. Now I'm stuck in this position again, A level exams are getting closer, my teachers probably think I'm just choosing not to come in and I feel so alone.
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    My dear friend, I don't know you but I know exactly how you feel. I feel exactly the same once in a while. Sometimes I just need to reset and not leave the house for like 3 days at most. At school I often feel so alone and so frustrated and agitated and there is no point either because due to the fact that I applied to universities with the reputation of being "good" in 4 different countries, which was a very very very extensive and time consuming process, I'm behind in coursework in nearly every subject, but I have no energy whatsoever I feel so burnt out.

    Also there is soooo much pressure, rat race and unnecessary competition at my school and when teachers ask me how my university interview went, or when students and teachers ask me if I heard back from any universities, I feel I just want to collapse and explode at the same time. Where I live we get in trouble if we have too much absence so that makes everything so much worse and final exams are approaching very fast.

    You know what has helped me? Talking to the school nurse. I mean I too had very dark thoughts and I even did some things that I would rather not mention anywhere I would be reluctant to tell anyone in person too (I didn't tell her that exactly I just told her how I was feeling. Lol I even started crying at the nurse's office but the nurse was very helpful and not judgemental at all and that was very comforting.

    Also when I came there and the nurse asked okay what can I help you with and I just could not speak I could not start talking so I just asked if I could write it down instead. And I was crying. But the nurse was very very understanding and she wanted to listen to everything I had to say and I walked out feeling much better).

    And take a break I need to reset for like 3 days. Watch Golden Girls if you like sarcasm it's hilarious. Sleep, eat and try not to think about anything. The song called Emergency by Jay Sean works wonders I'm actually quite surprised how are you forget everything when listening to that song. And always feel free to talk to me I understand exactly how you feel and right now I would give you virtual hug (if you like hugs. I personally don't like when anyone is touching me in any way like I really dislike physical contact. If you are like me I am just letting you know you are NOT alone. Much love to you❤️❤️
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    Thank you so much Really helpful
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